Hey guys Youmuus here THEY PICKED MY RENGAR. So i gotta play my other go to assassin Kha’zix. Kha’zix was my first main actually before i started playing Rengar so while im still a little rusty i can definitely do some work 😉

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  1. I've been really inactive on discord lately but i wanna get back to it ! If you wanna join my discord its http://www.Discord.gg/Youmuus

  2. As a follower of Void champions I've always liked Kha'Zix, and I'm looking for ways to build him against a Rengar

  3. Khazix is better den rengar dude if uk how to ply and dude u dont jump and flash u flash and jump u jump n flash the flash stops yr jump all the way

  4. "y'all are rengar players or you wouldnt watch me" boi i play everything in jgl even teemo. Though mostly i play Udyr, Kayn and shaco xdd.
    I watch you for learning purpose for rengar and other stuff.
    Even though im a mastery 5 rengar i love to watch you since you are actually teaching stuff so thats a reason 😀

  5. Got on another phone just to dislike this twice. Dude I literally turned sound off and enjoyed the video more. I don't think you realize the cringe things you say. Duh we know what a unofficial pentakill is. HOW TF IS TEEMO GONNA HELP YOU 1V9, someone didn't pay attention in math class. Wait to see if riven face checks you…..( fuck that just dive in) AND HOW THE FUCK IS RAKAN GONNA EXHAUST THE RENGAR WHEN HE WAS ATTACKING TOWER AND RETREATS RIGHT OF MAP FOR A SECOND WHILE YOU BACKED OFF IMMEDIATELY TO THE LEFT. HE WAS OUT OF EXHAUST RANGE FUCKFACE. TAKE RESPONSIBLY, ALSO TALK LESS PEOPLE MIGHT LIKE YOUR VIDEOS MORE AND NOT CRINGE EVERY MINUTE YOU SAY SOMETHING CONTRADICTORY OR JUST PLAIN STUPID OR OBVIOUS. Youmuus is not a good youtuber to watch to get better!


  7. The single reason I play ww with rav is because in late game I can farm raptors easier but now I realize it's decent

  8. Right now, the most efficient build path is warrior Tiamat if you are ahead and then duskblade. I love Tiamat so I shall get it anyway but for khan getting warrior into Tiamat is most damage/god, efficient

  9. i like you youmuss but your khazix is bad ahaha. When you said "how did she know" when you fought riven for the second time under your tower, when you ult theres a particle that shows up. When you got your unofficial pentakill you legit ulted for nothing on the velkoz when you were already invisible. And when you lane gank dont ult directly after your invis almost goes off cause they will see that particle. and honestly its a big waste.


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