I’m often asked what makes a watch worthy of being collected and today I’m going to discuss just that. Many of you have requested content specific to investment watches but I want to remind you guys, watches are not an investment, they’re expensive toys. But, if there were ANY watches worth “investing” in, it would be those that many deem worthy of being collected. So what makes a good collectible watch or rather, what makes a watch a COLLECTIBLE? Box and papers is just one element of it.

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For today’s Episode 105 of What’s On My Desk (WOMD), I’ll be showing you an old school gold Zenith Rolex Daytona with a gold champagne dial, an early 2000’s Rolex Submariner 11618, a super rare Audemars Piguet gold watch tourbillon limited edition, a Roger Dubuis golden square tourbillon and an A. Lange & Sohne 1 Timezone.


⚙️ Roger Dubuis Golden Square Limited Edition Watch
(comment before you click on the link!)
G40 03 5 N1.52 l

⚙️ Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-Thin
26516OR.ZZ.1220OR.01 l

⚙️ A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1 Time Zone Watch
116.039 l

⚙️ Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Submariner Watch
16618 l

A P Serial Collector’s Dream, this watch is in mint condition, and has complete box and papers.

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  1. Hi Roman, love the videos. One small thing, if I may, the expression is “by the same token”, not “at “. Keep up the great content 😀

  2. Take that $13,500 that was spent on a solid gold Rolex Submariner in 2002 and let that cash compound at a modest 5% for the next 18 years, today you would have $32,500. If it was a little more aggressively invested in an S&P 500 index it would be an average of 7.6% return per year and that money would be worth $50,700. Across Crown & Caliber, eBay and Watchbox a 16618 goes for between $16.5K and $24K. This "investment" cost between the owner $8,500 to $16,000 (@ 5%) and $26.7K to $34.2K (in an S&P index) in lost opportunity cost. This is before taking in to account the hit the seller took when he sold it to a dealer, servicing costs, any potential insurance the owner had on the watch over the years, etc. Hell of an investment guys, lol.
    Just Roman always says, WATCHES ARE NOT AN INVESTMENT!

  3. i still cant wrap my head around a 250k watch they are beautiful but dam how do you give up that much dough

  4. Am happy I began an online Investment with Martin last year, this year has been a very wonderful one for me, I earned $35,000 after the close of last week's trade.

  5. Good stuff ref 16618 But that's not a nipple dial Roman – nipple is radial dial and this is later one. Something some dont know is the 16618 also it came on a flat blue dial and a sunburst blue dial – early ones are the investment items as the dial is tritium and they go purple as does the early blue insert – good advice on paperwork – note of caution there are thousands of fake punched papers from German fraudster who was caught with associated machinery. That is a proper full set though just missing the crown prominent tag with the correct typography eg black particular typefont on off white or light green. So called collectable watches on gilt edged stuff though are almost non existent – eg I've never seen a punched paper 6542,6539,5510 in 40 yrs of collecting !

  6. Love your channel!
    Just got myself my first very serious watch for my personal collection and I think you might like it:
    It's a 1995 Two Tone Royal Oak 14790 in 36mm. Not the hottest atm, as it is Two Tone but i love it! (And the price was quite fair)
    Best thing is, it goes insanely well with the watch i inherited from my granddad:
    A Omega Seamaster Polaris Multifunction from 1990 (also a Genta designed piece)

  7. LOL number 4 death ….. does that mean number 8 is gonna end up in China? Stunning AP! Absolute an eye candy. RD @ $35k no cheating I swear. Lange looks like the BMW, GERMAN! It's too much for me personally. I'm more of the Saxonia guy, It's simplicity is it's beauty. @ 16:34 I'm willing to call it, it's the condition and completion of that Rolex Sub, and it's outstanding. My live commentary on your WOMD episode, I'm changing my comment format. Le me know how I did on the RD price, I'm not checking on LB site. Thanks, always a fan of your work. Stay well guys.

  8. I'm a big fan of ur page and just subscribed. But my God… How many times can u say "in the same token"? Must have said it 15 times. Smh

  9. His website customer service sucks i wanted to buy a watch from them but after getting no reply the hell with that imagine buying one having an issue and trying to get an answer no way

  10. Sometimes numbering does increase the value of the watch. I remember Montblanc fountain pens (patron of the arts collection) numbers 8. 88, and 888 went to the Chinese market for inflated prices, as did number 1 which went to Dubai.

  11. Yet another phenomenal video with incredible content, thank you!!!!!!! I am waiting patiently for a BLNR but your videos make me think my decision over and over and over again :0)

  12. Hi Roman, great video as always, showing us some of the most amazing watches that are difficult to come by. Totally agree about your point about the golden sub, that the original owner not only retained the value of his purchase but most importantly enjoyed the watch for 10 years! Keep up the great work!


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