The STEM Games team presents the experiences, reflections and comments shared by two esteemed scientists who are confronting some of the problems related with the appearance of coronavirus: Ivan Đikić and Wolfgang Bock.
Approaches in the fight against the pandemic, the role of mathematicians and molecular biologist and the development of vaccines are just some of the topics they touched upon. You can listen to their discussion in this video interview, hosted by our Vladimir Šimović who is a lecturer at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

• Wolfgang Bock:
• Ivan Đikić:
• Vladimir Šimović:

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Timeline of the interview:
00:00:06 Intro
00:02:15 Different approaches to battling epidemic
00:07:47 Lack of coordination between countries
00:12:54 Europe vs. USA starting points in fighting the epidemic
00:15:18 Challenges in modeling coronavirus spread
00:21:54 The ultimate goal of current measures
00:25:45 Effect of temperature on coronavirus.
00:27:18 Coronavirus as a seasonal sickness.
00:31:32 Effect of vaccines and crisis of authority
00:34:28 Role of social media in the time of crisis
00:39:29 Preparedness for pandemic
00:43:28 Possibility of natural immunity
00:46:03 Development of vaccine and serological tests
00:48:11 Modeling for false positives and the uncertainty of tests
00:50:34 Involvement of mathematicians in decision making
00:52:00 Computer intensiveness of current models
00:52:38 Current biomedical research about COVID-19
00:54:42 Effectiveness of some drugs
00:59:35 Effect of epidemic on personal life
01:03:08 Long-term effect on the attitudes of people towards science and personal life.
01:06:51 Closing remarks


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