Hey #QueenTeam, in this video I talk about #TyraBanks and the #AmericasNextTopModel franchise. I share my opinions on how and why the show was toxic and demeaning at times. What are your thoughts!?

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1. How old are you? 22
2. What college do you attend? University of Toledo
3. What is your major? Communications and Marketing
4. What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro
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  1. That's the thing those girls did not understand. You have to be edgy or unique to the client. Thank Tyra for trying to turn a bunch of bums into models. It's what the client wants. Not what you want and if you crying about hair bitch go back home and work at Sephora cause you ain't ready. Look at Eva??? Still working.

  2. Please watch the first episode with the season with Eva on it the way she was talking about the girl who was really skinny was crazy, like I can’t believe we really was watching this lol

  3. TYRA JAY AND THE OTHER ONE R SO FUCKED UP Tyra knows how sensitive it is when it comes to a black women hair. How dare she cut these women's hair that's the number one way to traumatize women to cut their feminine off look what they did to Jada it's so scary because I'm thinking about when I was a little girl I used to watch the show and it could have affected me on how I see myself as an adult now is very important 2 protect your kids from what they watch on TV I wish I never watched the show when I was a little girl

  4. These challenges were dumb af. Swinging pendulums, walking in plastic bubbles over water, moving runways, etc

  5. Bruh the other day I saw a clip where a black contestant named Eugena was literally disrespected by Tyra & the panel all because she couldn’t answer a simple question about what she was thinking during the photo shoot. Nigel said something slick like “your not acting like a model” & the guest judge said “do you even want this cuz I’m not convinced” oooh it was so unnecessary & rude

  6. Omg I almost forgot about that episode they did black face!! I also remember the episode of the girl who found out her best friend died then they did a photo shoot where they had to pose in a coffin

  7. The funny about the backlash against ANTM is that it is happening AFTER the show had its run. Tyra Banks isn't as popular as she was before. No body was complaining about the show when it was on and popular! I was watching this show growing up I never thought anything negative about the show, it was reality tv show. But I do get the criticism, I think the timing of the criticism is LATE.

  8. Imagine getting a makeover that you hate and then getting eliminated because you didn’t like it, now having to go live your life like that.

  9. The older seasons.. Tyra chose bad weaves.. she had white girls wearin stiff ass hair 😬🤢.. I definitely think Hair didn’t matter and what She consider “Marketable” .if she left some models be or at least ask their input on a certain hairstyle they would have been more confident taking pictures. And definitely her doing “black face” she was wrong af for that and she knows it

  10. That whole show was toxic ,most of these reality shows are toxic , willing to do anything for views these corporations only care about money and rateings

  11. Wow. I watched ANTM back than al the time but I had forgot these. Looking back on it and seeing these scenes, wow Tyra was a horrible person. I cannot believe she sat there after that white lady said that her loving her affricanness is overbearing. But now white people want to wear braids and culture appropriate. Also Tyra had the nerve to say that being defensive is unattractive? Wth. I feel that in a certain way they abused the women. As you said, they take away what makes some of the women confident and still expect them to be confident. I know in modeling you make changes but shouldn't be extreme. I really looked down on tyra after she didn't want to model naked but forced the women too. What kind of woman is that. I am so glad that modeling is changing. Oh yeah and calling that one girl fat but now everyone is having surgery to get hips. Yall see society and fashion? It was definitely Americans Next Top Embarassment. I feel like Tyra is easily a sell out.


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