Fox News Rundown podcast | April 22, 2020
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This year is shaping up to be the first-ever virtual presidential election in U.S. history. Communications Director for the 2020 Trump reelection campaign Tim Murtagh joins the “Rundown” to discuss shifting the campaign online because of the coronavirus, if there will be a Trump rally before the November election, going up against former Vice President Joe Biden, getting the economy back to normal and more.

Social distancing mandates to slow the spread of the coronavirus have led to millions of Americans staying home. But there are some who believe the actions taken by a few government leaders may be unnecessary and based on faulty data. Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume talks to former New York Times reporter and author Alex Berenson about why he believes the models are wrong about the dangers of COVID-19 and why it’s time we start reopening America.

Plus, commentary by Abby Hornacek, host of the “Getting Schooled” podcast and “Park’d” on Fox Nation.

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  1. To all trump supporters can you please inject disinfectant in to your veins to see if it works so our country can be cleanse from stupid.

  2. That’s what people really want to know. Shame on propaganda fox and the ignorance displayed here over and over again.

  3. There have .
    been lots of men to in their 20"s To 30's even women. Just today I saw a 5 month beautiful baby that sadly died due to Coronavirus

  4. I like Fox News but some of the things these guest they have on say some of the most liberal things and the host's just agree with them like it makes all the sense in the world.

  5. The rescue package that "We the People" of the United States of America need, want, and deserve…
    • ABOLISH all federal and state "Payroll Taxes"!!!
    • ABOLISH the "Capitol Gains Tax"!!!
    • ABOLISH the "Estate Tax"!!!
    • ABOLISH "Affirmative Action"!!!
    • DEPORT ALL “ANCHOR BABIES” (Everyone born to non-citizens of the United States of America subsequent to the 1986 amnesty!!!)
    • ABOLISH the importation of FOREIGN workers of ALL kinds!!!
    • ALL FOREIGN STUDENTS MUST leave the UNITED STATES upon graduation, completion of studies, or an inability to complete studies!!!
    • ABOLISH migration from, and/or students from, NON-DEMOCRATIC nations and/or societies!!!
    • ABOLISH "Chain Migration"!!!
    • ABOLISH "Birthright Citizenship" for children born to non-citizens!!!
    • ABOLISH citizenship through marriage!!!
    • Pass legislation to place a moratorium on ALL immigration into the United States and ALL United States territories, until such time as ALL illegal/undocumented aliens/immigrants, D.A.C.A. recipients, unaccompanied minors, and visa overstays, have been deported, or otherwise removed from the United States and ALL United States territories!!!
    • Pass legislation to make "English" the official language of the United States government and ALL publicly funded institutions!!!
    • Pass legislation to make it a felony to enter or remain in the United States illegally!!!
    • Pass legislation to make it a felony to aid & abet illegal/undocumented aliens/immigrants in any way!!!
    • ABOLISH the ability of FOREIGN investors to own controlling interest of ANY AMERICAN company!!!
    • ABOLISH the ability of FOREIGN investors to own any interest at all in American companies of STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE!!! Companies such as:
    • Food production and/or distribution (including equipment, software, and supplies).
    • Hospitals (including equipment, software, and supplies).
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Consumer Level / Home Medical equipment, software, and supplies.
    • Government, Military, and Law Enforcement equipment, software, and supplies.
    • Public safety equipment, software, and supplies.
    • Firearms & Ammunition production and distribution.
    • News, Opinion, & Media Companies (Television, Radio, Film, News Papers, Magazine, Internet, etc.).
    • Communication Companies.
    • Communications products, equipment, software, supplies or services.
    • Education, such as universities, colleges, and or trade schools.
    • Educational equipment, software, and supplies.
    • Energy and Fuel production and distribution.
    • Banks and Lending Institutions.
    • Construction and Construction Supplies (Industrial, Commercial, Non-Commercial, Public and Private).
    • ABOLISH the "Brady Act"!!!


  7. MAGA Greater than ever – rebuilding infrastructure & bringing back our industry & jobs -particularly essential goods to our security and health! Trump 2020!

  8. This is nothing more than a catalist for a power grab. Did you know scarf queen dr brix, her husband worked on Hillary's campaign?

  9. I mean they're using drones to see if there are more than 10 ppl in a group? I can't believe this. We The People have right to free assembly. It is in the constitution. These rights shall not be infringed. Or we go to the 2nd amendment, because our right to keep and bear arms are not for hunting, its quite clear that we have the right to form militia if our government becomes tyrannical. Now some governors are not letting ppl purchase firearms? Imagine that. Because of some overblown flu. My ppl, this is serious stuff. Its make it or break it time, right here right now.

  10. I'm disturbed how quickly ppl will willingly give up their rights, this virus is nothing, I do not blame the president, its being exploited by a political faction and its clearly obvious what one it is. We are at crux of freedom right her right now. We could loose this thing. Look how fast they crashed our economy and took away our rights. When power hungry people get your rights they don't give them back. My ppl, rise up, go to the park, bbq, en masse. They can't arrest us all. I last week got droned on my street by a government drone. Then this week I see in the news they are using drones. They are trying to normalize this activity. Quit being afraid. This is a power grab. And we are witness to it. It is our responsibility as free citizens of America to say NO.

  11. JOE BIDEN won't make it, he will forget he is a PRESIDENTIAL Candidate.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣.
    TRUMP /PENCE 2020 ❤️💜❤️🇺🇸.

  12. Biden doesn't have to worry about campaigning. The left already has their real solution to trump campaigning every day on tv. CUOMO! THATS MY BET! they will wait and watch before they move.

  13. The strong survive , protect the older Americans, get back to work or loose to the gobal overloards, and corporate masters, reality is a hard pill to swallow, take the red pill red2020 KAG.

  14. China and the demonrats are behind these virus, neither want another Trump term, globalism is on the edge of there sest.

  15. Please please please talk Trump into a massive gathering with ALL his supporters asap, while he's at it he can sell them all his malaria tablets and Lysol

  16. because all other president didn't do what Trump said he would thts what makes him different he works being the president not just a show bout

  17. i find him very very wrong in his thoughts here. most flu and other viruses comes from the kids in school. and they get thru it just fine but bring it home to the entire family. open up in levels yes. but schools should be last.

  18. Without the coronavirus only 50% of the worlds population knew trump was a moron. Now that’s up to 99% so thank you coronavirus for making that happen

  19. SO… to the brain talk conclusion…. our kids are benefiting by not being in school, because the postures they have by their nesks is not beneficial to cognitive development.


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