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We’ve seen Vanna White flipping letters on Wheel of Fortune in her parade of gowns for decades. But who’s the real person behind this lovely television personality? We’d like to solve the puzzle; here are some things you didn’t know about Vanna White…

Consolation prize | 0:16
Wheel watcher | 1:04
Before and after | 1:51
The toss up | 2:20
Bonus round | 3:16

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  1. Just fake news Vanna White always the sweet wholesome lady I admire who cares about others & never thinks of her self so this is why Vanna has inspired me all these years!

  2. I know she has 2 kids one of each and she loves margaritas. I also know Boricua. Has a record of the most clapping hostess.

  3. I remember seeing the original show where you had to buy stuff with Chuck very early 80's. I bet White and Sajak are still doing the show in their 80's barring sickness or something

  4. What's the difference between a wicker basket and a wicker box?
    A wicker basket is to carry fruit or vegetables and things.
    A wicker box is something Elmer Fudd wants to do to Vanna White.

  5. Sounds like Stafford is JEALOUS!!! Vanna made the job into something!! What's Stafford doing now??? Nothing!

  6. Smartest person in show business. She stayed with what she was known and loved for…. and became a legend in the process. She embraced her role as a tv icon.

  7. I'm glad Vanna White is there anyhow she pleasant to watch. She's a REAL Lady. Pat Sajak is awesome. Going to be sad when they retire. God bless them.

  8. For the last twenty years I have been agonizing over the question "What the hell don't I know about Vanna White?"


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