The Truth Behind All Of The Rules And What Happened Behind The Scenes

Tensions and temptations were definitely high on the set of the latest Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle. This dating game had a serious twist and there were some strict rules these contestants were expected to follow. Even though the premise was based on a Seinfeld episode, these restrictions were no laughing matter! Haley Cureton followed the official decree but was still sent packing because her actions didn’t coincide with the spirit of the experiment. Lana’s watch added a new element to the game, and these contestants were always under surveillance even in their shower screens! There were hidden cameras everywhere designed to catch any kind of infraction. But after it was all over, David Birtwistle admitted his behavior had changed for good. Even though Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey made a major mistake, they at least had the opportunity to earn back the cash they lost. We’ll also talk about why some contestants cost everyone money, while others like Lydia Clyma seemed to get away with breaking protocol. The producers had to agree on some crazy details to make everything work, including calculating costs for every last kiss or touch.

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  1. Harry was the true villain of this show…
    He literally lied and made everyone turn on Franchesca and he didn't even apologise but expected her to apologize for moving on to the next person. She even apologised when she actually did absolutely nothing wrong… I was gassing her up when she kissed Haley lol
    I was so mad when everyone ganged up on her when she was in fact the victim…
    They both are terrible people but HARRY was the true villain

  2. Honestly the show was not the same without Jesus, dude was the sexiest guy there (and I'm a dude), just did not have many options to choose from.

  3. Sharron was the low key villain of this show…he gaslighted both David and Rhonda. I feel like I was cheated out of a potentially amazing love story between Rhonda and David.

  4. I watched this show with my housemate and hated myself for doing so afterwards. So slow paced and drawn out with very little happening besides cringey drama and activies. Unfortunately very few of them come across well and that is me being very generous. There's so few of them expecting anyone to form a genuine bond was unrealistic.

  5. I don't care what ya'll say but, my favorite ship that is underrated right now is DAVID AND SHARON THEY'RE SO CUTEE

  6. Tbh I liked how hailee contrasted with the rest of the group tho issue made it clear she had to go. Wish her and Nicole were fleshed out more

  7. In my opinion, they all are actors with a scenario and nothing real happened. I like the fact that the show tried to send some messages to the public of how to be a decent person.


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