Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell are set to provide the first public update on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, two months after Congress approved the $2.2 trillion federal package. Mnuchin and Powell will address the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee by videoconference Tuesday morning, where they are expected to brief lawmakers on the program’s performance.

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  1. 경제위기는 구조조정의 좋은 기회입니다.
    잠깐의 구조조정의 시기가 아닐까? 저는 생각합니다. 🍔🍟🧻🚽👌

  2. when are you people going to say something about the education of the United States of America's children right now many have not and will not be able to participate they last year's and their junior senior proms let alone the graduation ceremonies of the seniors who are beat who will be going on further to college what are these children supposed to do baby finance what is the protocol for this right here that's what cannot stop the educational system of our children nobody is saying nothing up on Pennsylvania avenue about what is the solution for the children as far as education and the coronavirus all I have heard is that they won't be going back to schools the next year so they both estate in front of TVs and stuff and do homework assignments and stuffing be caught in the low-income communities it is very very hard to have Wi-Fi you have to have Wi-Fi and computers and stuff to educate these children in the home and if that's what it posed to be sold out for low-income ghetto rule sections of town black minority Hispanic children will get the education they need not get on TV and talk to us about that instead of us here here say these children I'll be withered in Asheville North Carolina we don't know what and they don't know what to expect a spot is the educational system right now somebody needs to get on TV and Twitter and Facebook and call our special report to discuss what is to be done about the children and the educational system yes coronavirus is here and I understand that but the means of studying and preparing in homes for classes there will be a big big slot children that will not graduate and will not get the education they need but the picture come holla back on that Sharon Peterson Asheville North Carolina the ghetto

  3. What about the companies that took the PPP loan & then turned around & terminated most of their employees in the name of COVID-19????

  4. Dear Mitch (and Don and Steve and Stephen and the rest of the stooges):

  5. If the President is taking the Hydroxychloroquine, he doing this to build the distraction. And someone mention something about the 5 billion, this is true, to build up his clientele. He's passing out money to the rich and famous, so they will vote for him In the election…like I said, He's building all of this for the upcoming election .. plain as day!

  6. Standing ovation to the democratic opening statement. There is no rush for people who aren't affected by this crisis

  7. I'm so happy that you're working on keeping people on the payroll but then what about the ones that have already been removed? My daughter's boyfriend was fired with never having a reprimand ever and working three people's jobs over a stupid tool that he handed back to him and said hey you know what if it's going to be that big of a deal I'm sorry He took it to break with him Oh no. He saw it on the line He knew as his tool that somebody had must have picked it up so he had it with him on break and they called him a thief and fired him. How about all them He can't apply for unemployment because he's a thief Even though he's never been reprimanded for anything and the the thing that happened was so stupid and small but they were looking for an out. So what are we going to do for those people The one stuck in between? Oh yeah and he's a Choctaw Indian.

  8. slow down little lady before you block bust a blood vessel cocking your head to the left is no indication that are you are in control of your off-base assessments of the current state of our country even to presume that you yourself well you're talking points and scripted dialogue have any hope of convincing anyone other than your producers that you know what you're talkin about

  9. 3000 a month retroactive and set to auto go into a temporary account for each person . That's what I think . I will not take a vaccine. I will not let them have blood or give me blood or chip me in blood of add a chip to me I will not do it . I will not eat meat out of a lab and vegetables to . You eat your lab made full meal I'm sure they will add a nice dessert enjoy. As for me if you come to my door and it take it or die you better shoot true . That's how I feel uncle sam your never a ex uncle sams miss guilded child it's like the mob like that .

  10. Trump is our omen child in desperate need for attention. Can the world just stop and stare at him for a while so he can get it out of his system. I really feel we all will not be give one shh about until Trump gets the attention he wants. We are dying because he's not getting attention. We have to treat him like a kid doing bad behavior for attention.

  11. ..We the people are the capillaries of this country, get the money to us and we will distribute to the nooks and crannies around the country in a way the government never can…

  12. So Sec Treas Mnuchin and Fed Chair Powell say US businesses need another trillion when they haven't spent the 1.1 trillion still sitting on their desks from the CARES Act. And Mnuchin, to wish away fraud he won't pursue delinquent borrowers because it's a carefully worded Free Money Project. That's almost as trustworthy as Wall Street pump and dump rallies.

  13. Mnuchin is mush for brains…did you notice how Powell is looking at him, I don't think he has a clue on how to handle this crisis…

  14. is there a committee that's making sure all the money bar old is going out to the people exactly like it's supposed to , to make sure Trump is not pinching out some for himself out of each stimulus.

  15. Vaccine or No vaccine, people need to go back to work in a safe way, otherwise we're all going to die. They have to reopen the country, nothing will be normal again, but we have to move forward with our lives. Masks gloves until.

  16. My question is , what was the point to take us from our jobs in the beginning if this same virus that's killed our family & friends omg , we are still at risk

  17. Where are the spreadsheets? When President Obama had a stimulus program in 2009 he had it on The Treasurer's Website. You could see all the details. They should have Munichin to go before Maxine Walter's House Finance Committee.


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