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Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage – March 31 | NBC News Now

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  1. Dear American peoples please wear a mask to protect yourself and family your president Mr trums should provide masks for the American peoples if he don't provide so he will not legible to sit on president seat

  2. I am so sorry for all your love ones dying. I wanted to te you that this has been well organized. I know it sounds crazy but please listen. NY was in trouble with their healthcare for all their citizens. They had a deadline by April first. The States That have the more deaths will get more money. Any person dying from other illness they do a virus test and they are saying that that person did die from the CHINA CORONAVIRUS. In Connecticut a child die from a horrible accident at home and they did a test and blame the Virus witch is NOT TRUE. George Soros invested Billions in WUHAN Company last year. BIOTECH RESEARCH RESPIRATORY RESPIRATORY MODELS & INFECTIOUS DESEAS. Also think about it. How did the Democrats put together that fast over 1,200 pages of the BLACKMAIL Bill that President Trump did not be antes to sign. This is so HORRIBLE what they have done to our country our families all because of MONEY & POWER. I am a Missionary for Jesus🙏🏼

  3. we do like amazon we want to reopen that amazon store we don't want to shutdown if that Donald trump on his speech he is great president for the world.

  4. Does anybody take in account that the rodent "Rat" population may be a factor in covid-19 spreading. After all it is theorized that the disease originated with bats!!!!


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    We know that the virus is spread by people that are infected via their
    respiratory droplets. These droplets can land around themselves if they cough
    or sneeze, or on people around them nearby. 
    The virus can stick to their hands if they touch the fluids in their
    noses or mouth.  The virus can land on
    surfaces if the infected touch those surfaces. 
    The virus can stay active on stainless steel surfaces for about 48 hrs
    or longer, and on paper and clothing for about 24 hrs.

    To minimize that spread we have told the infected to wear masks so the
    viruses in their respiratory droplets are trapped on the mask and don’t fly out
    far from themselves. This is the mask containment of the virus.  We have told people to maintain social
    distance of 3 feet or about 1 meter so when the infected talk and breathe
    without a mask, his/her breath droplets does not reach others around them, yet
    the virus continue to spread very fast, the number of new cases keep on
    doubling almost every 3 days. 

    So, one question comes to mind “Is the virus spreading in another way
    that we have not yet considering? And the answer is more likely yes.  The virus is spreading through the air and at
    distances more than 3 feet, perhaps as far as 15-30 feet or longer, especially
    when the infected are not wearing masks.

    Let me explain, if the virus remains active on surfaces for as long as
    48 hours, then the virus will stay active for as long as it is protected and cocooned
    in a respiratory droplet that came out of the infected.  When we exhale respiratory droplets near a glass
    we fog the glass. In winter we can make fog when we breathe.  When we drive in fog one thing you notice is
    that fog doesn’t fall to the ground, it stays floating in the air. Similarly,
    exhale air droplets stays in the air for long time; you do not see them because
    they are not dense enough to fog. The smaller the droplets the buoyant they are,
    they float.  If there is airflow or wind,
    the droplets can travel a long way.  We
    don’t know well the electrical polarity of the virus, but it could be that the
    viruses packed inside a water droplet are holding the droplet intact through
    surface tension and the virus owns electrical polarity until that droplet
    touches a surface, breaking and unloading the viruses, like tiny Trojan horses.

    Because these droplets are persistent in the air, people walking by will
    breathe in them; some of the droplets will land on their faces, mouth, eyes,
    ears, contributing to a larger spread of covid19.  The more infected that do not adhere to the
    use of masks will be contributing to higher density of the virus in the air. 

    Let me put things in perspective.  The radius of a corona virus, from electron
    micrographs, is of the order of 0.0000375 mm, the radius of a pin head is about
    0.75 mm. You can pack a layer of 397 million corona viruses on a pinhead. Now
    an exhaled droplet has a radius of the order of 5 micrometers or 0.005 mm,
    which is about the size of a fog droplet. In this droplet, that floats and
    persists in the air, moves around to distances longer than 1 meter by airflow
    or wind, can carry as much as 2.3 million corona viruses.  Therefore, the virus is hitching rides to
    large distances by airflow and wind, spreading itself to many more people and
    surfaces other than the surfaces near the infected.

    I propose a simple experiment for the NIH and the WHO to perform immediately,
    and it is as follows:  place an infected
    person to read a book out loud at the center of a 30 feet (10 m) wide room for
    30 minutes.  Place some fans to create
    airflow and simulate wind near the person, this will carry his/her exhaled droplets
    around the room. After 30 minutes take sample swabs on the walls, floor, and
    ceiling and test for the virus.  I am sure
    the virus will be found on all surfaces. 
    If healthy people stand near the walls of the room, they would be breathing
    in virus particles.  Perhaps the dose is
    low, but nevertheless they are being exposed, increasing the transmission of

    How can we prevent the spread of the virus if it is persistent in the
    air?  Everybody mask up, 100% of the
    population must wear a mask, a handkerchief, a scarf,  or whatever to minimized exhale droplets in
    the air. The point is we need to hold the droplets on the mask.  We all have to act as if we are all infected.
    Eventually we all are going to get infected, but this mandatory action will
    reduce the number of infected right away. 
    The infection will continue to spread, but it will be gradual.  Our hospitals will be able to handle the sick,
    and many lives will be saved.

    I know some people feel weir wearing a mask in public; they think they
    look sick or not cool. But we have to be creative; we can fashion our own mask out
    of our coolest looking handkerchief or bandana. 
    The fashion industry should begin production of masks using dense
    materials. The point is to reduce those exhale droplets into the air.   

    I was a Nuclear Medical Science Officer with the US Army Public Health
    Command and I did studies on the health effects of airborne depleted uranium particulates.  I have sent this analysis to the Public
    Health Command, the NIH and the WHO.  I
    hope they take note of it. The use of masks or other barriers for exhalation must
    be obligatory for all citizens.  This
    will reduce the spread, it will help our hospitals manage the pandemic, and
    save our economy. With this precaution we might be able to go back to work.

    MAJ (R) Angel Castellanos, Ph.D

    Public Health Command, US Army.

    April 3, 2020.

  8. Where are the chem trails? it was supposed to be so normal. The chemtrail conspiracy theory posits the erroneous[1] belief that long-lasting condensation trails are "chemtrails" consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public.[2] Believers in this conspiracy theory say that while normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly, contrails that linger must contain additional substances.[3][4] Those who subscribe to the theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be solar radiation management,[3] weather modification, psychological manipulation, human population control, or biological or chemical warfare, and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.[2][5]

  9. Coi thường và hành động không quyết liệt. Giờ nhận ra thì hơi muộn rất nhiều người đã chết 💀💀

  10. Let's be honest this is not the covid-19 virus. This is the Wuhan China Wet Market Bat Virus, that the Chinese government lied about.

  11. ARMAGEDDON: Burning SALT with TURPENTINE spreads corona covid-19 spores. Anybody in the US outside China can create airborne virotoxins! They are gas bombs used in chemical warfare. The fun Covid-19 media halloween party is also a chem-war safety drill, just like September 9.11 (with collateral damage). We are entering a new era in which anybody can create toxic weapons, due to info gleaned from the internet. The UNAIDS is in advariance to countries who adhere to military police forensic codes which don't allow virology in penal court. Chemistry is legal analytics by law, virology isn't! http://www.snake-antidote.com/coronavirus.html Coronavirus and HIV is cured with Malaria quinine or oral snake antidotes in the BRICS market.

  12. Dr. Nicole Apelian:"With the recent spread of the coronavirus a lot of people have been reaching out to me asking what herbs I am using to protect my family and myself during this pandemic. For herbal remedies I outline below what I use in my home as natural antivirals. Please note that this is not medical advice – I am a Ph.D. not an M.D.; this is what I am doing for my family as an herbalist." https://healthlifechannel.com/lost-book/


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