The sequel to the critically acclaimed Vermintide is a visually stunning and groundbreaking melee action game pushing the boundaries of the first person co-op genre. Join the fight now!

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  1. Friend just asked me to play this.. Why the fuck is fantasy the only series that get decent engines and games period fantasy eats dick give me 40k over elf and dwarf shit anyday

  2. Old game concept. You only interact with enemies. No environmental physics. Reminds me of a late 90s game with modern gfx. Ill pass

  3. I love this game because I can Crank the fuck outta my sound system and not worry about anything but Slaughter… What a Joy!

  4. would buy if u could play as a Chaos warrior, lizardman and beastman…. instead only fucking gay characters lmao

  5. I fought i will watch a gameplay with really good comentators, and i get a bunch of normiks. Guy run into the warrioir of chaos and he thinks he can beat him.

  6. Why is there no colour in the environments? They look barely textured. Devs, you do realise people see in colour right? That 'the real world exists only in grey and brown' aesthetic got shot down like almost 10 years ago…

  7. They're excited like idiots by small things like "ah ah ah i can block uh let me block this man!"
    I hate that people. "Uh there's walls there's so many walls!" For the fuck sake this word tries to be smiled and happy, but this pissing me off that I must play this game to kill everything and everyone in game world, not ours.

  8. 10:10 I need help.
    WHAT is the name of this theme?
    It's the standard skaven combat music, but i can for some reason NOT find it online.


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