Our original American Revolutionary War Historical Documentary — on the life, uniforms and drill of the Continental Soldier 1775-1781… An authentic record of the American Soldier of this period. Think of this film as an “Osprey MEN-AT-ARMS” book brought to vivid life.

This film studies the evolution of the American “rabble” from defeats on Long Island in 1776 to triumph with the bayonet at Stony Point, New York three years later. The film analyses the uniforms, drill, camp life, food, weapons, equipment, etc. of the soldiers.

Bringing to life with vivid recreations, sound and editing — focused living-history documentaries on Rev War battles — as well as some of the men who led and those who followed and fought with heroism and without regard for themselves – fighting for family, home… love of country and the men standing in line next to them.

For education, entertainment, enlightenment and inspiration. We hope you enjoy and even learn something. Never forget who came before us!

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  1. Without the aid of the French, the rebels would have lost the Revolutionary War. But they are never given any credit for thier vital aid.

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  7. This is by far one of the best documentary I have seen. The Attention to detail on the manual of arms the dress and to me the men show clothing that tells the story of being in the field. When I do a re-enactment they very seldom get a full washing every stain the small of a camp fire and black powder always bring a smile to my face. I spent 21 years in the Army working my way thur the enlisted ranks funny how some things have not changed training young troops the Discipline of soldiering and being proud of The Profession of arms.

  8. This not the frist America army Rogers Rangers 1745 still to day us army rangers lean many tactics tought by Roger's rangers the oldest weapon still used in to days army other than the rifle is the tomahawk heavily used in Vietnam and so on Today's army rangers use some of Rogers Rangers manual 1747 God bless

  9. Wow they drank coffee back then? I thought they didn't have that yet. You always here about them drinking tea back then but not coffee!😎

  10. You had me at buck and ball. Great work. Always love the Continentals. Their stubborn thankless perseverance is the huge reason we are USA today. Win 1 lose 2. But Stayin together was the win. .

  11. To stand there on the firing line loading and firing on command while British musket balls are coming your way and your buddies on the left and right getting hit. And you have to stand there, do your job, and take it. I can't even imagine what that was like. Nerves of steel!

  12. The greatest fighting men ever alone with Rough Riders and Buffalo Soldiers today,s Special Forces and Mercanaries can't match them

  13. I'm curious about the reason why grounding the firelock during the reloading and bayonet drills was not permitted. Does anyone know the logic behind this?

  14. This is awesome! I have been through Army basic training and recognize a lot of this or a form of. I imagine my platoon having to go to battle before and after basic and all I can say, is that 8 weeks of serious, dedicated training makes a tremendous difference. I would of course prefer the latter.

  15. As a Canadian I was pleased to see a focus on activities. I was hesitating on watching as so many over do the ra-ra hype. As mentioned here and there in this video there was a lot of foreign support: trainers, weapons, uniforms.


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