Police clashed violently with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong after they stormed Harbour City mall in Tsim Sha Tsui on Christmas Eve.
Batons and pepper spray were used against thousands of demonstrators inside the shopping centre and on the streets as people inside the malls threw umbrellas and other objects at police.

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Hong Kong police fire teargas to disperse Christmas Eve protests ►

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  1. Hong Kong police fire teargas to disperse Christmas Eve protests ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/24/hong-kong-police-teargas-disperse-christmas-eve-protests

  2. Protesters & rioters were arrested (in accordance to the British common laws, ordinances and customary practices, previously in force in the British colony) and were defended by lawyers who were proficient in English laws and tried in courts by judges who upheld the British concept of judiciary independence No Chinese national laws were involved… why blame the Central Government (中央政府)?.

  3. Strange, where are all the wumao bots? Slap on the wrist for the responsible bot farm director (organs harvested, family sent to concentration camps)!

  4. Imagine for just a moment that HK independence was actually feasible. What would happen?

    HK would become 100% Singapore 2.0 – the West’s dirtiest secret. An ‘empty democracy’ where only the ruling party can technically win an election, where all media is state owned, where the ‘right to assembly’ doesn’t exist, where freedom of speech is mercilessly quashed, and with enforced military service and death penalties. Basically, the world’s most authoritarian dictatorship posing as a quaint little, well-behaved democracy with a decent airline that also doesn’t charge American corporations any tax.

    Yay to Hongkongapore!! 😍🤣

  5. The Police 👮‍♀️ 👮🏼 🚔 is going to Arrest the Fighting People and got sent to Jail

  6. Imagine doing some last minute christmas shopping and having to dodge the triads, riot officers and protestors.

  7. Seeing the situation in HK fills me with sadness. The constant destruction of property, disorder and anti Chinese activity will only polarizes the population. Like Brexit in the UK feeling run deep and emotions will justify actions normally seen as extreme. HK is part of China and HK people are Chinese. Peace is not the word I want to use but "stability" will bring freedom.

  8. Protests in HK are peaceful until popo came out. Popo all act like high on drugs and have absolute fun of beating people up. Totally insane! They used to be Asia's finest, but now the worst!


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