This 1967 episode of the U.S. Army’s “The Big Picture” television series is a report to the American people, presenting a military that faces a unique challenge in Vietnam but is adapting through new technology and tactics to overcome obstacles.

This film tells a story in which the “Crucible of Vietnam” is creating a better army for the immediate task and its overall world-wide mission. It portrays the civilian, as well as the military, situation in the Republic of Vietnam, showing the U.S. military helping the South Vietnam government in development and nation building and in winning over the public.

“REEL HISTORY” – is a new series featured only on this channel to bring back to life (and hopefully to a new audience), original military history films produced during the 20th century… covering topics from all conflicts and branches of the U.S. Military.

“REEL HISTORY” covers battles… military personalities… stories of survival and heroism… and broader stories of campaigns and conflicts produced by or for the U.S. Military. All Original footage. The Real History…

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  1. Wow. How out of touch with reality is This??? Reminds me of the school films that advocated hiding under desks to survive atomic warfare. They called it "Duck and Cover" Talk to anyone who went to Nam about this piece of insane propaganda.

  2. We never really lost and won almost every battle against viet cong and n.v.a we did right thang by withdrawing

  3. Politicians lost the war with their political correctness crap mentality. If they only implement Total War like they did in World War 2 United States would've won the war.

  4. Anybody else feel like they were watching a Disney movie? I didn't serve in Nam, but I did spend 5 months in Saudi. Our unit had NO reason to be there, but our Battalion commander was looking for his "full bird" and he got it shortly after we came back. No one was hurt OR killed, but could've been…ALL FOR A PROMOTION!! He's no better than the politicians that started Desert Storm AND Nam!!
    God Bless my fellow soldiers that served and ARE serving…thank you!!

  5. Politicians start wars. We die in these wars. Money is made with our blood. Wars like Vietnam are started with lies and fought by our sons & daughters yet the politicians stay home safely. For 26 months I fought in this war yet never learned the real truths of why these wars were started until I was older. These "police actions" must stop by American politicians. We lost many decent people in Vietnam and came home to an ungrateful country. Open your eyes people and keep these kinds of war hungry politicians out of all public offices! God bless my close friends who died during my time and for all time in these useless wars!

  6. We could have very easily won the Vietnam War but, of course, the liberals made us lose it, because liberals HATE their own country, and like to see it embarrassed.

  7. Very great video and our military should of been respected during this time and they were not upon return. A bunch of moronic hippies creating that negative outlook on our military.

    I did enjoy see the advancement of the equipment & training of the troops during these years though the military had taken a great loss in life. In no comparison to what we are losing today in American deaths due to Trump's decisions, misleading and lies during the pandemic resulting in more loss of life than Vietnam or Desert Storm is totally sad and what hurt me further is hearing about the military nursing homes that lost all those Vietnam vets I believe in new Jersey recently from covid19. They fought like in this video very hard and deserved all our support only to go to their graves from this virus that these men and women did not need to go to their graves from. Rest in peace to all of those who died during the war and those Americans who died so far during this pandemic. We have a rough road ahead of us yet with a lot more deaths coming with Trump opening the country as in his words " with or without a vaccine" over his own Political agenda. Please take every precaution for you and your family as we are in very bad times here that has never been ignored in the wake of Americas devastations ever in history.


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