V12 LS, that’s probably not an engine code and configuration you see around very often, if at all.

Matt Corish of V12LS.com runs us through what it takes to take a V8 platform and transform it into a V12, bank angles, what parts are still interchangeable and also some specific areas and where the team improved on the existing LS design while they had the chance to ensure reliability up to around 2000HP which with the likes of Haltech and their quad setup of Garrett turbos and Josh Robinson’s twin Magnuson supercharger build, it’s not that far off.

A large focus of the design was to ensure as many aftermarket performance parts were available for engine builders to make things more affordable (as far as V12 builds go!) and easier. The fact that companies like JE Pistons, K1 Technologies and Wiseco among many others have already put a lot of time and research into components for the LS platform add plenty of merit to this focus.

Matt also discusses some balancing and firing aspects of a V12 compared to a V8 and inline 6, along with advantages beyond parts in sticking with a 90-degree bank angle. Production processes are also discussed including 3D printing into sand in order to get the cooling system perfect, and Ford Barra fans can share the love too with the same sized crank journals being utilized.

As a side note, Matt and his team actually managed to cut and shut two junkyard LS engines together to make a test platform before production, not just to the point it ran, but to the point it produced 700HP. Now that’s a sign of talent and a solid effort.

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