Today’s we’ll be dicussing Tyra Banks’ past problematic ANTM moments, including those with Dani Evans, as well as discussing Billie Eilish’s new music, the battle between Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj’s Say So Remix and Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage, Tekashi 69 releases GOOBA and MORE!
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  1. Welcome to this week's Episode! Be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed! Here's what we talked about:

    1. The Redemption of Khloe Kardashian: 11:25
    2. Things U Should C: 16:02
    3. Will The Say So Remix go #1?:
    Tekashi 69 releases GOOBA: 32:43
    Is Tyra Banks canceled?: 45:10
    Also merch:

    Appreciate you for checking the show out, see you next week! 🙂

  2. Court, it’s 1.30am (UK) and I’m now catchup binge watching your channel. Just caught up with your birthday live and now I’m glued 💚
    Just missed your last live by 1 day but I shall be making it to your next.
    Much love
    Jess 💜

  3. omg i remember the graveyard deal…i was much younger then and i was just like…jeeeeez😩😩😩…love you btw…watching you from Nigeria…subbing to your channel now…❤❤❤

  4. Hi Courtney! Wishing everyone awesome health and success! I am new here, from watching the morning Tea. 41yr old from Iowa relocated to Houston. I love, love, love your perspective and vibe!

  5. Okay; also I am a mother to a girl and would never want ANYONE putting my daughter down! 🙂love watching your channel

  6. I think everybody just wants to make sure she isn’t the same person as before. No one wants to give her fame if she is still a nasty person.

  7. Can we shed more light on the fact that social media and society today are merciless. Now a days you can't even have made a mistake when you were child without being humiliated for it. Your expected to be perfect according to society's standards which btw is always changing as well so you can never get it right .The hypocrisy, people wanna criticize the lack of understanding and empathy while themselves being ruthless and critical towards people they have never met.

    It makes no sense cause we praise celebrities for the persona they show on tv not knowing if it's just a front for tv. You cant never truly know someone unless we have gotten to know them in person.

  8. Part of me wishes cancel culture came a decade earlier because Tyra has always been a bully and is not deserving of icon status IMO

  9. Dropping by to show some love 💜 I missed the last few minutes of the live. I noticed that every week your viewer count is growing, so maybe don't change the scheduling of your live sessions (YET) and see how it unfolds. You know ya got my view regardless 🤓

    Super excited to see what you'll be posting on your channel 🎊

  10. Okay I just want to say social media of today is not the same as ten or even five years ago. Things that were accepted then are destroyed now especially with shows like AMNTM, one of the co- host basically told a model to stop embracing their African heritage if that same scene took place today that co- host would have had to write an apology but back then no one cared. So I don’t think people just want to bring up old things for drama but because people now understand how problematic past behaviors were and rightfully so

  11. Tyra the thing with her is this has been happening forever I would maybe understand if this stopped in the earlier cycles but it didn’t it still continued on even the latest cycle we have Jenna who Tyra said she sounded like a prostitute because she did play boy and said she had to do what she had (Jenna’s words) yet in the earlier cycles Tyra literally dragged a girl because she was uncomfortable with doing nude. I find her extremely hypocritical and the show is not about finding America’s next top model, it’s purely there for entertainment but what production is not getting is that these are real people, there are real people watching this with feelings people getting discouraged people feeling un beautiful and hearing an icon like Tyra destroy girls is disgusting. I don’t think she should be canceled because I genuinely don’t think she is as bad of a person as everyone is making it out to seem but I do find her hypocritical annoying and she’s always playing the victim her apology was not it. She can keep that dry toast not even buttered but dry toast of an apology because we are not hear for it

  12. Wow, A YEAR OF THE MORNING TEA 🎉🎉🎉🎉 That marks a year of me relocating my life to be with my now husband! We had been doing long distance for too long. I've literally watched every episode from the beginning (as an after sipper), and before that would watch daily rewind etc. On Hollyscoop❤

    Umm so I much prefer the "Say So" remix over "Savage"… even love the original. It's one of those songs you can listen to on repeat and never get sick of!!🙌🏻👏🏻

    I agree with you Courtney, I'm on both sides with Tyra Banks. We are living in a totally different time now so those behaviours or comments made on America's Next Top Model back then wouldn't be accepted today. Having said that, shock factor or not, I don't agree with insulting someones appearance period.

    Funny about the 'gap tooth' debarkle, I still remember shortly after it all, models like Jessica Hart, Lara Stone and Abby Lee Kershaw made global WAVES for their gapped teeth. I remember reading magazine's in highschool reporting how women were spending thousands of dollars TO GET A GAP in their teeth! Totally evolved standards of "beauty"🌸 #thereisbeautyineveryone

  13. Love this Sunday lives I used them as a podcast when I do my art work so if you wanna make it longer I would love it!

  14. She tried Mom here sorry that I missed the live this morning I was busy with my kids and I love your channel and I appreciate everything you do for us. 💕1.The Kardashians and 2. Justin Bieber 3.Jeffree stars These people are annoying to me

  15. I'm so sorry, I missed the live, I was napping for Mother's Day. Your doing awesome work Courtney, keep going – you have big places to go!!

  16. And I’m going to be the unpopular opinion in this too, I hate that one white models teeth you referred to. That “look of London” chick with her gap…. yeah, I hate looking at her mouth. So, it’s obviously something that people either love or hate. But regardless, nobody should be messing with any models teeth, if they don’t want it. Period. That show had not business messing with any models teeth. That’s between the model and her personal dentist.

  17. Tyra was the spokesperson for a HIGHLY PRODUCED show. Meaning, this wasn’t all Tyra. It falls under one of those, “it was a different time,” element. Tyra was just as much a victim of that toxic modeling/TV world, as the rest of these folks. People have been warning of the toxicity of modeling, television, and Hollyweird for years. It was out there, and folks chose to ignore it and play along, selling their souls to the devil, for fame. There’s always going to be gross stuff that can be pulled up later, because we evolve and grow. Instead of hating on people for doing things that were perfectly acceptable in its time, maybe be thankful people aren’t doing the same things anymore, as there is growth from most people. I guarantee, we can pull up tweets and other posts from all people on here, 10-20 years from now, and people will be appalled at what you posted. Nobody is excluded.


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