Tyra Banks is supermodel, actress, author and TV host – but even she had to get over a few insecurities. Here’s how she’s learned to love her “big forehead” and why she always makes room for the next generation.
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Tyra Banks Is Thankful For Her ‘Big Forehead’ | TODAY

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  1. Video title “Tyra Banks is thankful for big forehead. Actual video: first picture is Tyra covering massive forehead with ridiculous looking bangs

  2. Okay but her eyes are HUGE, and the proportions of her facial features balance out w/her forehead, plus, her hair is really high density, and long, so she looks great! 🙂 It's harder to pull off when your facial features are smaller and your hair is low density sigh

  3. Oh my God. Tyra I love you girl, I do. But how long are you going to go on and on and on and freaking on about how you "Love your five head" "People use to call me alien, lightbulb head, and i said Yeah I got a big forehead. . …..what?"
    I mean c'mon, switch it up girl. Try something new. Keep it fresh ya hear? We all know you have a big forehead and now you're loved for it, blah, blah, blah. Ugh, lol. 😟

  4. My sister kid has a big forehead and she is pretty why I have to have a short head and small eyes and big cheeks and big others two of them I would have preferred the big fore ehehehehe

  5. I usually love girls with big forehead, just because I like a big rounded forehead girl.
    And that's usually what make them so pretty in the first place.

  6. I have a tall forehead and my mother tells me I inherited her bad hairline. I feel insecure because a boy commented on my forehead on the other hand I didn't really care what he thought but I'm worried if it's an issue that other people notice.

  7. She looks so amazing at her age, you'd think she was in her early 30s!! Loved her last tip about giving your spot because some people don't know when to stop and it kind of puts a sour taste in your mouth. Naomi Campbell is amazing but it would br nice to see her move on to something better than walking the runway.

  8. I think big foreheads are the most beautiful, all women I look at that I find has the little something, have a big forehead! But srsly, all women are beautiful and it's what's within that counts, an that's th truth!!!

  9. People like Tyra and Rihanna have always made me feel fine with my "big forehead" 🙂 I've been getting comments about it throughout my life and honestly it would have bothered me so much more if it wasn't for women like them! <3


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