Tyra Banks had her own MLM makeup line that FAILED miserably… Today I wanted to examine Tyra Beauty, how it started, and what went wrong! Tyra Beauty is a multi level marketing company self-funded by Tyra Banks herself, former supermodel and reality show star of America’s Next Top Model in 2015 that closed it’s doors and it’s direct selling model in 2017. Tyra Beauty stood out because of it’s bold marketing and packaging, and many who joined Tyra Beauty were young and impressionable and believed Tyra would never steer them wrong…

Dark Side of ANTM: ** First article is a vice article that describes how antm contestants are mistreated on the show, then after the show aren’t provided any career guidance or help to further their careers. Since most are given a bad rap from the show, most of their modeling careers are ruined after the reality show. Because of this, many models after antm go down terrible paths and unfortunate situations that they did not need to go down.


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  1. Did she try to make her dad out to be an abuser? Her mom and dad work together in her company, they both appeared in antm. Completely shady.

  2. Can you do a video on Team National?! It’s set up kinda like this business plan. I guess you can be apart of it for generations if you pay $2,000 and to start promoting its $30. I think it would be neat to see your opinion on it!

  3. I remember hearing about but when it never appeared in stores I just assumed it went under because everyone forgot about it

  4. No ma'am! So Harvard's little extension program taught Tyra how to scam people!? Well…technically it didn't since her business flopped. Has she asked for a refund yet?

  5. I was one of the Tyra BeautyTainers when they stopped the MLM, and I was surprised that there wasn't more coverage of it. I was never in it to "win big," I just happened to try the products and there were a few staple things that I really did love, so I signed up to get them at a discount. As with most MLMs, even if the products are good, they are way jacked up in price to pay the commissions and uplines, so being able to buy the products at my discount was more like what the retail prices should have been (maybe even still a little high…). The change had apparently been in the works for a while; one of the women who was at the top tier had been at a corporate meeting in December or January before they made the announcement and when she came home, she claims that she quit and sent out a ton of emails, made facebook posts, etc. that Tyra Beauty was going to be discontinuing the BeautyTainer program. Tyra Beauty sent out an email saying that actually they had fired this rep and that there was no truth to what she said, that they supported the BeautyTainers in their businesses, etc. and that they were going to be taking legal action against her. That email came out in February of 2017. Then two months later, in April, they sent out the official announcement that they were closing the BeautyTainer program. I've never seen such a sh*tstorm erupt on my facebook feed! lol People were very upset, as you can imagine, and no one ever really addressed the fact that what the "fired" platinum rep had said was true (I heard from some of the former members of my selling group that the woman did get sued but Tyra Beauty, but not for defamation or slander, but for violating an NDA and that changing the business model had been something they talked about at the meeting – I can't confirm that though, just hearsay). Most of her products were pretty forgettable, but there are a couple of things that I really do love, so I kept an eye on the website, and they did actually function as a separate retail website without the MLM component until about November or December of 2017, but they really kind of ground to a halt – they launched one new shade of their blush sticks, and a new "TyOver" kit that was made up of existing products plus some nail polish they got from another beauty line. In November, everthing starting going to sold out, and their messages went quiet. It was kind of a big disaster, and I don't think they were going to ever fully recover from it.

    The sad part is that there were two products in the line, the contour stick and the "Pop It Clean" makeup wipes, that were absolute favorite, ride or die type products, and while I was sad about losing my access to the discount, I was ready to keep purchasing them from the non-MLM format. The fact that the website is still there 3ish years later makes me wonder if they are going to try to stage a comeback at some point? I mean why pay for web hosting for a non-functioning site for 2+ years unless you have plans to try to bring it back? I think it would be a disaster to try, but I also wouldn't mind one last shot at restocking my hoard of contour sticks! lol

  6. GHAAAA the ending of this got me SO excited to find out how Tyra was shady during ANTM but I can not find the video you said there is and you also did not include a link in the description as you mentioned you would in the video. I enjoyed this one but that really made me sad 🙁 please post an update on this! <3

  7. I remember being shocked when I saw the top model episode about this. I’m surprised she didn’t get more black lash for this.

  8. Lol why didnt she just start out collab-ing with makeup brands and then go to make her own line. Feel like it would have done better "smize eyeliner and mascara" "wanna be on top translucent powder"

  9. 8:47 – So scammy!
    LOL! I remember when this launched; I checked it out and shook my head. Other Black women started ETHICAL businesses that were in beauty & grooming, that had beautiful quality ingredients, textures and pigments- that did not need a MLM to sell them! She was trying to reach the Instagram kids, but her targeting was towards BIPOC kids! Which brings me to
    2) What really sank Tyra Beauty was not only the MLM and the bad treatment, but the launch of two really good lines for BIPOC : Mented and Fenty, with quality color ranges and textures and the same price point. TB (ha!) did not have that AT ALL.
    3) FInally, the idea that Tyra really thought that referencing her struggling mom in a MLM would be relatable is just…yikes. So scammy! Imagine having all that fame and clout and …this is what you come up with.

  10. I know her #1 seller. The woman is a serial MLMer. She now works with Isagenix and Farmasi. Lol she is in one of the pictures shown.

  11. The older I got, the more i realise she’s not a nice human being. I’m getting second hand embarrassment watching that advert. Cringey.

  12. Remember a lot of Americans see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires; that's why people who join MLMs don't finch at the stats that 99% of recruits lose money. They think they'll eventually be that 1% of people who make it. It's quite sad, really.


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