Tammi Mac, David Duane, Pretty Vee, and Fudge Da Comedian weigh-in on the Tyra Banks backlash for America’s Next Top Model criticisms.
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  1. This entire panel is what's wrong with society, the modeling industry is tough, I know first hand, they will tell you straight to your face, you hips are too big, your nose is not centered right, your teeth need straightening, you're not " ethnic enough" in short you're not good enough, its harsh, no sugar coating at all, perhaps Tyra was being harsh to prepare them for what's real. Social media really got people delusional, no one owes you anything; meanwhile, most of them girls went on to have careers, the ones that didn't gave up 🤷🏽‍♀️. Ya'll complaining NOW but sat through it 20- years ago and made it a successful show. …get the helllllll over yourselves🙄

  2. What video? The former contestant who closed her gap does NOT regret doing it. That's whose video I saw 🤷

  3. Ignorance is running rampant !!! There was no excuse for Tyra behavior stop the nonsense. I swear we going backwards instead of forward. Are you seriously sitting on this panel condoning her colorist behavior. Your part of the problem seriously

  4. Mental health is not apparent in the black community at all. This entire was horrendous and these people should be fired. They are making a mockery out of mental health and condoning someone who is a bully

  5. #harassment, #me too

    It was heartless and cruel, even gruel,

    We watched two episodes and called it a NO NO in our home, that was awful from the start to the end

    entertainment or those acts of grooming individuals who wants to sing and or be a model is not of God and how we ought to be treating others NO matter what the cost, ego, fame, popularity

    I am certain tyra, and any woman who has children who wants to model or sing would want anyone to treat their children as shit and degrade them as if they're rubbish to be fixed or mend because they're broken and or what look society say is better or the next in thing

    God made everyone in the image they are born, so why botox, surgery, enhancement, filling, lifting, and adding to the natural body that is

    This is why society is so sinfully unstable, because mankind, both women and men, exalted themselves above God's laws, principles, rules and wAnting to change what is, a rude awakening happening

  6. Ergh who is this woman 🙄 how can u say you don’t understand the backlash ? Are you on Tyra Banks payroll kmt I can’t stand people who don’t stand for what’s right. Mush mouths the lot of them

  7. Tyra was trying to show those girls how the fashion industry was back then. It's still like that now. But young ppl today think everything is about adoration. Social media has them thinking this. Entertainment and fashion industry is not for the weak.

  8. This show is spreading mis-information and it is clear they did not do proper research or even view the actual video posted by Danielle , in which she does give credit where credit is due as well as addressing the fact that what was shown was not what really happened. So to the "panel" do your homework, there was clout-chasing as you all put it

  9. People need to get over it not everyone is going to shower you with hugs and kisses! she prepared the girls for what the real modeling world (at that time) was like. Nobody was going to baby you, it was not for the weak or sensitive and if you didn’t like it then choose a different career that’s not based on your appearance.

  10. OMG I can’t even finish watching this who are these people ? You guys are hurting my brain 🤦🏾‍♀️😔😨

  11. Tyra was always annoying. She is arrogant and….who are these people on the panel I don't know who any of those people are. Any ways cancel Tyre and her colorist self.

  12. Once again an ignorant Fox "Black" souls panel who wants to comment on a topic that they are ill-informed on… and then think those who were involved shouldn't share their own opinion and perspective. And why is being a black woman now a shield from any and all criticisms?

  13. Yall really condoning mental abuse. It doesn't matter how long ago it was and how easy it is to get famous now. Mental abuse in any form cannot be excusable.


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