President Trump CLASHED with CNN at the White House this weekend as their reporter tried to take his words out of context. Trump slammed CNN saying: “They are Fake News, remember that.” WATCH Trump SNAP at “Terrible Reporter”:

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  1. It's pretty hard to forget.

    WATCH Trump SNAP at "Terrible Reporter":

  2. I love this, 11 thousand likes, 133 dislikes. People are waking up to the lies of the media. To the 133, you're believing lies, I used to watch them too, then I caught on.

  3. Why are they always bringing up drama instead of digging for logistical details actually related to the pandemic?

  4. OK here goes THE BIGGEST TRASH TALKING GARBAGE NETWORK OF ALL TIME AT IT AGAIN CNN Corrupt News Network that's what CNN stands for I was a garbage man for 30 years a lot of trash in my life but CNN has the top of the trash hill not a good thing CNN should become home shopping club that way you know you're getting ripped off

  5. Cnn just loves to twist things.
    Cnn should be ashamed of themselves for trying to smear a good man. Trump believes in God…why dont u try it cnn.

  6. Lol Trump makes these CNN so-called reporters look like children..he slows it down an makes them look like idiots😂 god do I love this man! Trump2020

  7. Trump is such an arrogant narsasit that he can't respond to reporters with any respect. He's constantly paranoid and will not answer media questions without being rude.when he's stuck he blames the media or anyone else.he takes no responsibility for the mismanagement of our federal resources.listen to Andrew Cuomo he's smart and says every day WE NEED HELP FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT but it's falling on deaf ears, trump determines where supplies go according to your political affiliation or if he likes u..


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