Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the country as the application portal opens for Canadians to apply to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

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  1. Can anyone confirm the stories of people who recovered from COVID-19 are still contagious for some time? I'm hearing people who make full recoveries can still pass on the virus. At least for some time.

  2. Right,how the Airport still open flights are people coming in Canada, we needed stop all immigrations ,visitors,students from the other countries ,same Asian,but the government doesn’t care the risks from Covid19 in Canada country in future again ?…. Thanks 🙏.(RCL veterans)🇨🇦🇺🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧🇧🇪

  3. CBC open comments. Wow!! Pigs do fly. "Justin Quisling sells his soul". Sorry no link. YouTube. A pox on his house. Thank you. Raise my carbon tax, eh? How admiral, eh?

  4. The economic world needs a complete restructuring. We need a universal basic income and we also need to do away with income tax. There's PLENTY of other areas in commerce where taxes can be boosted. Humanistic approach to commerce? Open source business models? Economic boom time! Everyone happy and spending and thriving.

  5. and what about students who have only recently started working, and had a job lined up for the next couple of months? I've already lost 2 months in income, which is detrimental to my savings for next year. OSAP doesn't cover my living costs, and I rely on the money I save up during the few months I have off to pay for my uni's fees since working 15 hours a week during the school year is not enough to live on for 8 months. When will there be benefits for students who may have not received $5000 last year? or those who were coming home to look for work??

  6. Trudeau is a toadie for China and the EU.. I don't believe he cares about Canada at all! Seems like he has been bought out by the banks and big business in bed with China.

  7. $2,000/month! Disability for a single person isn’t that much. It’s approximately $1400/ month. I find it interesting how people on disability and pension have been scrapping below the poverty line with very little increases for yrs, yet $2,0000/month is considered an average amount for someone during this pandemic.

  8. This week on "Captain Blackface helps the globalists bankrupt the country and sell our debt to the World Bank"
    Not to worry, they'll write off our debt if (when) we adopt the global currency and governance.

  9. Oh, look another pensive shot of Justin… compare the thumbnails the MSM uses for liberals and conservatives. The globalist agenda is extremely obvious in every facet of their propaganda.

  10. I just received the deposit, yet there are many things that are wrong with this.
    1) I don't meet the 5k requirement, I only made 4
    2) I never applied for CERB, but through EI I was automatically processed, yet I didn't qualify for EI.
    3) No where in my process was I told the fact that I was never fully checked for my eligibility and to be careful with the deposit
    If you tell people, "hey, we're giving u 2k a month, meet these requirements and apply," people are going to apply regardless if they fully or barely meet these requirements. Yet I still received it?? This is just a recipe of disaster as a lot of people are going to be screwed over because of this non-announced disclaimer….

  11. Trudeau is an evil joke… He could have gave all Canadians money direct in the bank. But he only cares about you if you are a rich person


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