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On ANTM, they were aspiring models, but where are they now? We’re taking a look at the Top 5 Shocking America’s Next Top Models Stories: Where Are They Now? Renee Always, Jael Strauss, Lisa D’Amato and Angelea Preston are all models who had great potential. Though some are still working in the modeling industry, many have done some questionable things after the show.

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  1. Ive allways had such a crush on rene xxxxxx ❤ she's so hot girly and even hotter now tomboy lesbien xx and rip Jael your an incredible fairygodess queen xxxx

  2. Update to a couple of stories! Very unfortunately, Jael died from stage 4 breast cancer in 2018, I believe, and Renee was released from prison for good behavior and now identifies as a lesbian

  3. Omg Renee. Her life's fallen apart. You could just tell back then it would be bad for her. Imagine if she'd won how different her life would be

  4. She got disqualified bc the show has sponsors. CoverGirl (or whoever) and modeling companies don't want that as a part of their brand. They pay$ and get to decide the winners often. Most likely they got wind of it and vetoed it.

  5. I didn't even recognize Jael on the Dr. Phil thing. woahhh
    and Lisa D'amato looked really old for both seasons although she was like 25

  6. Kimberly committed suicide. I swear, either this show is cursed, or they are NOT screening people for mental stability.

  7. Angelea didn't "allegedy" win. She won. They aired it and then showed the scene about her disqualifying herself and defaulting it to Lisa I remember watching mad

  8. I absolutely believe they knew about Angelique. They treat these women so badly. Plus, who cares? It’s not like they are making real careers for most of these ladies.

  9. It's only after all these years do Truly realise how fucked up antm actually was, whether it was the racist undertones ( one example being the shoot where they pretty much did blackface), the whole ego of tyra who wanted to be worshiped, to them not allowing to talk for fear of the cameras missing out, the fact they were taught no model skills, to being chucked off the show for not liking your hair, or liking nudity/sexual shoots, to making all the models self conscious about their looks (including eating disorders), the list is fucking ENDLESS


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