Top 10 Worst America’s Next Top Model Makeovers
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These are the worst makeovers in ANTM history! This list consists of makeovers that include bad weaves, terrible haircuts and/or questionable hairstyles. We’ve included Cassandra Jean’s Mia Farrow cut, Shei’s two-toned hair, Laura’ss patriotic makeover, Marvita’s horsetail mullet, Phil’s Jesus extensions, Saleisha’s mushroom bob, Brittany’s read clown weave, Molly’s giant blonde weave and more!

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  1. Tyra Banks made a career having fake long silky straight hair and she constantly wants girls to be uglier than her. She especially likes to botch the white girls and more often than normal gives the black girls long weaves.

  2. The execution is the problem. All of these could have worked if they were done right. The bowl cut should have been died red or something.
    Why would you fuck up someone's teeth though!?! The poeple with tooth gaps that have made it, have a natural gap, it adds to their look.
    The fake beard is dumb as fuck. It looked like a fake ass beard. I question the skills of the stylists they use. All these looks have been done in magazines and it looks awesome. Execution, skill and quality material. Whe do they use cheap ass weaves!?

  3. Also Tyra has said time and again about being high fashion and also commercial is a plus a mulit commercial? Also the her front teeth? That's cruel to make someone so young do something that can't be fixed exspessially if she might feel pressured into saying yes I doubt she would have done that on her own I think it would be a cool season if america got to vote on mojo worst haircut list for tyra's new haircut! The results are in! ( or one for each season)

  4. Some of the makeovers on this list were actually bad, but Phil looked hot with long hair despite the poor quality extensions, and Jaeda (honorable mention) looked absolutely amazing with short hair. Brad Mondo would be pissed if he saw this smh

  5. Bwahahaha Jesus hair omg I can't 😂😂 but technically they saw what would fit him, so he did that look later on 🤔 the extentions were horrible though

  6. The Mia farrow cut would’ve worked if Cassandra would’ve let it happen. This isn’t Tyra’s fault; it’s hers.

  7. As a teen I never realized how traumatic some of these makeovers really were for these girls… we all think its dumb to cry over hair. But if you've never had short hair, and were only told like a few hours ahead of time, you'd be apprehensive at the very least.
    I've had short hair before and although it was a choice, it was still really hard to get used to it.

    I understand its a competitive and I understand pushing contestants to step outside of their box and try new things. But Tyra seems to be a little malicious in the way she pushes them…. I had to stop watching after cycle 9.

  8. Oh my!!! What is wrong with these people! Giving them those kind of makeovers is crazy! They know how or what!? Eeeesh! 😱

  9. Feel bad for this girls..the result of tyra's fucking experiment..well in the world of modeling industry you dont need to cut your hair very short..its just tyras fucking idea so that there's a drama on that fuckin show..Also that Laura's case in cycle 15..when we all want our teeth to be close we spend so muck money for a dentist to have a perfect set of teeth but tyra ruined Laura's teeth when she turned it into gap between the two front teeth..

  10. That dentist should've been struck off, I can't believe a qualified, professional dentist actually agreed to creating a bigger gap in her front teeth, I'm also confused as she sent that other girl a few years ago to get her gap closed because they said it was ruining the way she spoke! At least with hair, eyebrows etc they grow back.

  11. Yeah I’m all for extreme make overs but if they ever wanted to touch my teeth like that I would be packing my bags so fast

  12. This is one of the reasons I stopped watching this show. The makeovers were mean and it was obvious Tyra just wanted to mess with people. Since everyone throws the word around I will use it too, Tyra was a BULLY. She made them look ugly on purpose. Every person ended up with a terrible shade of blonde. She repeatedly gave people with pink undertones white, blonde hair. When she widened that girls tooth gap I was done with Tyra and her stupid show.

  13. I thought they gave bad makeovers on the German version of the show…but this sets a new level of awfulness. And how disrepectful of Tyra to say, she wants the girl to have a hairstyle like a horse and neighing – wtf? So much for being a role model…


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