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These ANTM contestants have gone on to enjoy long and prosperous careers. For this list, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 successful America’s Next Top Model contestants. For this list, we’ll be looking at ten of the most successful contestants to come from “America’s Next Top Model.” For the purposes of this list, we’ll be discussing the contestants’ post-show careers, whether the career was in modeling or not. We also won’t be limiting this list to winners – every contestant is eligible.

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  1. Nicole winning I still find annoying and I will NEVER get over that Allison never won, this quarantine helped me realize this.

  2. Nahima was so boring I'd rather watch paint dry than watch her do anything. Sal cheated (Tyra picked her for a winner before the cycle even started).

  3. I wish you would do one on I think her name is Kahlen? She was the runner-up when Naima won! I've always wondered what happened to her?

  4. i was waiting for justine biticon to be at least mentioned in the video, she was eliminated too early but still signed a contract with one of the top model agencies, ford models

  5. Most of these girl aren’t what models are or used to be but rather, sob stories that folks think deserve to be.

  6. People let the fact that Winnie had a skin condition cover the fact that she isn’t that great of a person

  7. Go watch Analeigh along side Miles Teller in 2 night stand. LOVE that movie. Perfect movie for this quarantine right now.

  8. I remember Jael died from breast cancer. Another girl also died from suicide and one was murdered. Sorry, I can't recall their names. May they all RIP

  9. Joanie Dodds! I don't remember what cycle she was on. Six, maybe? Hope she's doing well after ANTM. I knew her for a short time and she's really a great person!


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