If you like deep characters that learn how to cope with their moral dilemmas and the constant fear of their death you should definitely watch our picks for the best Mafia movies. The following ranking focuses on movies that give us an intimate, inside look at how the mob works, and just how it impacts the gangsters who are operating it.

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Bugsy (1991):
9. Miller’s Crossing (1990):
8. A Bronx Tale (1993):
7. Donnie Brasco (1997):
6. The Untouchables (1987):
5. The Irishman (2019):
4. Casino (1995):
3. The Departed (2006):
2. Goodfellas (1990):
1. The Godfather Trilogy (1972):

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  1. We just uploaded the Top 10 Gangster Movies: https://youtu.be/pr-ybRAVCFY
    If you are looking for Scarface in this list the Gangster Movies are your cup of tea.

  2. Great video! 👍 Personally I think "The Departed" is overrated, but the others are definetely awesome. By the way, recently a book about Mafia films came out. Movies like "Goodfellas", "Casino" ore "Donnie Brasco" are reviewed, and the real events in which they are based are also analyzed. It´s very interesting not only for gangster movie lovers but also for people who like to read about real Mafia history and facts. The name of the book is "Mafia films – a guide" and you can find it on Amazon.

  3. No doubt about the top film;…..but lets call it the godfather Duo. Part three of the Godfather is not even close to poor.Its a cheap,poorly written confusing excuse to make money from two of the best movies (Mafia movie or not) of all time.
    Stefano Falco

  4. Cant believe you left out1996’s “Gotti” starring Armand Assante as John Gotti.Awesome portrayal.3rd on my list.

  5. 02:30. For the love of god, try and pronounce Italian names properly KOLO GERO?? The name is Calogero. A quick YouTube search would give you the right pronunciation. Enough with this laziness.,

  6. 1 Godfather 2 Goodfellas 3 Casino 4 Irishman 5 Bronx Tale 6 Gotti 7 Donnie Branco 8 Mobsters 9 Untouchables 10 This Thing of Ours.

  7. Mispronounced kid's name in Bronx Tale to the point that it's obvious she didn't watch the film. And here it is: The Irishman was a horribly overrated piece of shit. Bronx Tale even more so. Miller's Crossing should be near the top. Donny Brasco was a corny shit movie that shouldn't have been on the list, Mean Streets and Once Upon a Time should have been near the top as well. There are a ton of Italian 70s Euro Crime flicks better than shitty Bronx Tale and Donny Brasco.


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