Two’s company, by these movie love triangles prove that three’s a crowd. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most memorable triple love entanglements in our favorite films. Our countdown includes “Casablanca,” “The Notebook,” “Gone with the Wind,” and more! WatchMojo ranks the greatest movie love triangles. What do your favorite movie love triangle? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If you like this video, be sure to also check out our TV version for some dramatic small-screen love triangles!

  2. Well I was gonna say that hunger games should’ve been #1 because that love triangle was truly on the edge of your seat who she gonna pick?! But then they threw my boy Leo up there and I can’t argue with jack freaking Dawson

  3. You missed the true and best triangle of all; Damon, Elena, and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries. I'd have to say, this is your worst top ten ever. There was no triangle in Titanic. She hates her betrothed and loves Jack without any doubts. She doesn't love two men. No triangle.

  4. I think you need to read or rewatch The Great Gatsby… The romantization of Daisy and Gatsby's relationship speaks volume about the fact that you probably missed the point of the story. Daisy when reunited with Gatsby years later is not truly, fully in love with him any longer. Gatsby is not ass well, not really, Daisy is an obsession, an unobtainable ideal to him. And she was NEVER in a million years gonna leave her husband, whom she loved despite anything…

  5. I think love triangles where one person is torn between two lovers (like the notebook) is way more fun to watch than love triangles where there’s a couple that is obviously going to be endgame but there’s another person who is the third wheel or just an obstacle. (like twilight or titanic)

  6. Unpopular opinion: Cal didn't love Rose. He was a violent narcissist & just happy to have a young, hot wife. Cal couldn't stand to lose to what he considered a "lesser man" (in status & wealth) even though he could have gotten any woman he wanted.

  7. 4. "They tried to make the story palatable for modern audiences" Well they miserably failed by hiring the director of Batman & Robin and casting A mediocre Christine and a tone deaf phantom who makes Russell Crowe in Les Miserables sound like Idina Menzel.

  8. in addition to Lon being a good match, i was always a fan of how Lon was the one who broke it off. i loved the line "i shouldn't have to convince my fiance that she should be with me".

  9. I thought it was meant to be unpredictable love triangle like Brooklyn. Like we don't know who the hell he choosed…

  10. I wish that more movies would go back to the original love triangle formula of Character A is in love with Character B who is in love with Character C who is in love with Character A. I like complicated situations like that. It's not as simple as making a choice between two love interests, because the person you are in love with doesn't love you, but the person they are in love with is in love with you.

  11. And another thing. Phantom of the Opera in my opinion was more of an infatuation on one side and an actual relationship on the other. We all knew Christine was going to pick Raoul in the end. The phantom had too much baggage


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