Smize, it’s time for the craziest ANTM Runaway challenges. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most wild and memorable runway challenges that the contestants have faced on America’s Next Top Model. Our countdown includes high fashion, blindfolded, dock runway, and more! MsMojo ranks the craziest ANTM Runway challenges. Which ANTM Runway challenge did you think was the craziest? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. There's an outtake of my intro where I did a model walk. Sorta. Not really. It's bad! But srsly, props to these models for even attempting these challenges!

  2. It's to add entertainment value and it sure did. We were all glued to our screens. I miss ANTM and all its crazy challenges.

  3. Tbh this is so Entertaining to watch. Do before the ladies join that show do they already informed that they will be facing like that kind of modeling?

  4. So the INDIAN version copied most of the tasks
    Bt one thing i want to mention
    When someone falls
    No one laughs like d ANTM

  5. Orang gila yg mempermalukan oranglain demi kepuasan semata.. Tapi untungnya mereka memiliki profesionalitas yg tinggi

  6. That's why I stopped watching the show… The show always has ridiculous challenges and makeovers that doesn't seem improve the models' image and the worse are all the gossips and curses between the models


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