Top 10 Military Schools in America

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Obtaining an education has long been considered an essential component in attaining personal success. As a result, many endeavor to locate those institutions of higher learning that will fulfill this purpose. Knowledge, however, is not the only discernible characteristic needed for a productive and successful career. Integrity, discipline, and honor (among others) are also laudable and desired traits that need to be developed. Yet these social qualities are seldom emphasized in traditional academic curriculum.

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10. Valley Forge Military Academy and College
9. US Merchant Marine Academy
8. US Coast Guard Academy
7. The Citadel
6. Virginia Military Institute
5. Norwich University
4. US Air Force Academy
3. Texas A & M University
2. The U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
1. US Naval Academy

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  1. The general of army, George C. Marshall, a VMI alumni of 1901, is more than just a Nobel prize winner. He, a five-star general and a soldier, was awarded the Nobel PEACE prize for the Marshall Plan that he initiated.

  2. You didnt put Admiral Farragut Academy in the vid. It's a co ed boarding and day, high school sectioned to naval njrotc

  3. Another well looked over fact is that the coast guard's "rotc" program (coast guard auxiliary university program) has a unit at usmmi, vtech, auburn, tamu, and other public universities with sizable cadet corps or rotc programs as well as a "remote cadet" program allowing any interested cadet to work with the local coast guard auxiliary flotilla and be a part of that program at their prospective school. Personally i am an aupie at the university of Tennessee.

  4. If you ever update the audio, take a look at the West Point and Annapolis narrations. "Alumni" is not pronounced "Al-um-i-ni". Although some grads may end up as members of the allumini , most are just alumni.

  5. My biological father went to West Point, for 4 years. I only found out he went to this academy about a week ago, considering the fact I don't talk to him, and he's divorced my mother. I'd like to apply to West Point when the time comes. I've wanted to go for years, finding out he went was an absolute miracle. My step-father, my mother and my biological father have all served in the line of service. An Ivy-League school like this is surely an opportunity to hold.

  6. What’s a similarity between a Cadet at a Federal Military Academy, and a State Military Academy?

    They both applied to the Federal Academy.


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