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The journey from so-and-so to supermodel isn’t always smooth. For this list, we’re taking a look at contestants whose makeovers brought on the tears, the rage, or both, whether due to unwanted hair extensions, drastic dye jobs or crazy cuts. Let’s dive in! Our list includes Jael Strauss, Molly O’Connell, Catie Anderson, Terra White, Tash Wells, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Makeover Meltdowns.

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10. Brandy Rusher
9. Jael Strauss
8. Molly O’Connell
7. Catie Anderson
6. Fo Porter
5. Jaeda Young
4. Terra White
3, 2 & 1???

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  2. How come these people are presented as top hairdressers and then place the responsibility on the girls?? They got really well paid for wigs to be done so miserably… I know it's not an easy thing, but there's little place for justification

  3. A lot of these girls look a lot better with their hair short. But Katie looked bad! Flat out bad. And bleached brows never look right.

  4. Its funny how most are mad about what their new look is or when they are getting a new look, and then there's Brandy, mad about NOT getting a new look. Where's the logic?

  5. What is it with women and there hair, it grows back, wear wigs, extensions! My god! Not to mention the whole point of modeling is confidence no matter how skinny, curvy, girly, sassy, or handsome looking you are. Just role with it.

  6. They need to have the white girls hair assessed because their hair cant handle the weaves for example poor molly

  7. This is so sad to watch Tryra banks clearlu took out her insecurities out on these girls and clearly was jealous of they hair, and it's so obvious Tryra wanted to shove black empowerement down they throat

  8. for every girl who brokedown over a short cut, Tyra should've brought Linda Evangelista in to slap the shit out of 'em!!!!!!!!

  9. its always the ones with long hair get it cut and the ones with short hair get the long hair lol sucks to get your hair cut and then go home because they did not cut it the right way the first time

  10. I don't really think models really need to have these drastic hair cuts anymore.most just use Wigs now.

  11. I've heard Tyra state she's suffered with hair loss because of weaves. I've seen her natural hair few years ago wet,& super thin. My opinion, she's purposely making these ladies feel insecure by cutting not just a couple inches, but ALL of their hair. Yes it grows back but it took 5yrs for my hair to get past my bra strap after going natural.

  12. Eh all this looks so cruel! It’s one thing to cut hair off if you’re already at the top and well known for ur craft, but to do it on a whim juuuust to see IF you’ll make it?….hmmmm it doesn’t make sense to me.

  13. They're models! They have beautiful faces and a team of professionals behind them…but they cry because of a little hair. Damn. Make it work girls!

  14. I always felt like it was stupid to cry over a haircut, until I asked for a simple haircut and the woman chopped my hair in a way that made my hair looking like a helmet 💁 I cried and cried for two days because that wasn't what I asked for and my hair was so ugly 😥 I wasn't even mad because she chopped my hair really short, I don't mind if it's short, I was mad because it was a hell of an ugly cut 😂

  15. This whole franchise is incredibly fucked. Not only do the winners/runners up/other contestants go nowhere 99% of the time, they are manipulated to hell during the filing process and subjected to super abusive treatment. Also, THE PHOTOGRAPHERS SUCK ASS AND RELY ON PHOTOSHOP TO CREATE THESE NIGHTMARE RESULTS.


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