Los Angeles, CA- It’s Bitcoin halving month! Tone Vays and Thomas Hunt are here to celebrate and educate! What is different between now and 2016? Is DeFi the next ICO? Will the dollar continue to dominate the fiat world? Hyperbitcoinization this decade? GBTC? Altcoins? How will newbies enter the space? Coinbase crash! Memories & much more!

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  1. Great show, excellent discussion. Thanks Adam, Tone and Thomas for sharing your thoughts on the Bitcoin space. Like button pounded! #HalvingHype

  2. since thomas mentioned it, i wanted to say something about cashing out retirement accounts. if you have a ROTH IRA you can withdraw all the money you initially invested tax free and penalty free. its only the gains that get taxed and penalized. so just take out your principle if you need the money. I think it is a big misconception that you can't touch your retirement until you're a certain age. I think if more people knew that you could take out your principal from a Roth that they would do it. i dont have a traditional IRA so i cant speak to that.

  3. Great ‘old style’ show and two great guests. Loved it. 👍

    As ‘Keynesianism’ was mentioned. If I remember correctly from my college days many years ago, ‘Keynesianism’ was more about increases in public expenditure and public infrastructure projects than just money printing.

    The idea was that this would be used to overcome the ‘liquidity trap’ in a recession/depression, when ‘money printing’ was ineffective. Sort of like Roosevelt’s 1930s New Deal (or Germany in 1930s)

  4. Thomas (the Mad Socialist) "we know nothing about this virus but I know we need a vaccine". I can't stand him. Haven't watched WCN for years because of his nonsense.

    "Its not a matter of who it kills" could just as easily have been a Stalin Wuote

  5. Don't worry – while BTC maximalists are begging wallstreet to pump up their ponzi shitcoin,
    Cardano has innovated UTXO and will bring more economic freedom + fairness to the world.
    Yes, Africa, Asia and South America too.

  6. What a great show, three real OGs! Made me miss those WCN shows back in the day, where it all began, where so many got started. Thanks!


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