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When a reality modeling competition hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks has been on the air for over 15 years, there’s bound to be plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes stories. Such is the case with America’s Next Top Model, which has seen its share of drama. Behind the makeup, bright lights and couture, Here are some little-known truths that shaped the show into what it is today…

Hollywood stigma | 0:40
Isolated from the judges | 1:56
The Hotel California of competitions | 2:45
Long hours & no cellphones | 3:10
Hitting the books | 3:59
Alter-egos anonymous | 4:43
Miss J’s departure | 5:21

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  1. I'm certainly late on this, but I believe these reality shows, music industry and HollyWerid in general is the field of sacrifice. They lure people on these shows to recruit them into their sadistic world, with the promise of fame. And they have no idea about they are about to give up. They have no idea that they are a sacrificial lamb!!!

  2. ANTM trying so hard to cover up all their shits. A lot has spoken up about this “unspoken” truth but that shit rEaliTy show still be gettin’ views. Fucking boycott it

  3. so many shady things surrounding antm and just Tyra all in all the just makes me question Tyra, the show, EVERYTHING! don't even forget about Adrianne Curry the first winner of antm still waiting for her prize (look it up) also the one with Angelea Preston of Cycle 17? so many questionable things going behind the show and here I am debating myself just mess and confusion.

  4. Tyra is full of shit. She is FAKE. I dont think so that Naomi had said something bad towards her during the Versace Fashion Show in the early 90s. I think Tyra was just made it up for getting sympathy from the audience.

  5. I used to like this show but now I can’t look at it without imagining the crazy rules and extreme situations they had to go through just to improve their careers

  6. its a reality show lol, idk what any of those contestants THOUGHT they were gonna get…kudos to Yaya shes a beautiful, educated black QUEEN!

  7. It's reality TV, not sure why people expect to have it made after. A few girls did make it. It was probably a combination of talent and persistence, and if they didnt make it then just blame it on the show. Like get over it girls! Dont blame Tyra.

  8. Heres another fun fact 💡 the judges already know whos getting eliminated when the models walk in the room for deliberations. They make their decisons during the editing of film after the photoshoot. They deliberate for entertainment purposes

  9. Sorry but Leila Goldkuhl is miles ahead of Yaya deCosta. No way Yaya is the most successful. She didn't even pursue modeling ffs..

  10. The model that most success have is not the one that shines on movies ,it's the one that rocks on the runway, on the covers of megazines

  11. Contestants are also paid daily. Jade Cole (cycle 6) said that the reason she wasn’t in the all stars is because they couldn’t agree with her current talent fee.

  12. For me, the Jays were the reason the show was a success! Ever since their departure i felt the show just died and it wasn't the same without Mr. Jay's critique and Miss Jay's hilarious attitude!

  13. but it's weird how in the top model "all stars" cycle, models from past cycles wanted to come back and do it again. So apparently it wasn't that bad to them.

  14. Uh, what about Leila Goldkul, shes is the one working on the runway and has many designer ads under her belt. I think she even walked for Chanel!

  15. I worked on a film set in Uganda and it is the same thing.
    We were overworked, starved and had to get our own snacks.
    That is life.
    I run my own business now and it is still the same, I over work and starve myself coz of the work load I have. Stop complaining!

  16. if you are going to do a career in modeling, acting , singing or others PLEASE DON'T participate in antm as it will be a curse on you in the jobs you are going for, they won't take you seriously, it's a reality show, reality shows are well known to give people bad reputation.

  17. Damn my ass has been watching every season and I’m on 17 now I think the all stars season and I’m finding out so much I’m so far behind. 😂 this show is a mess too but I can’t stop watching

  18. tyra doesnt graduate from harvard. she just took some certificate bullshit from Harvard and called her harvard graduate???

  19. "miss Jay" WTF I can't stand when men dress and act like women if you wanna dress like an act like a woman then become a woman don't be a manwoman WTF I can't stand that

  20. You should talk about how they screwed Adrienne over and how in reality they promised them a contract with Revlon and a deal with a completely different modeling agency in Cycle 1

  21. That Dress Annaleigh was wearing @ 1:07!!! Does anyone have any information on it? What season & episode was that from & Who was the designer? That dress is GORGEOUS!!


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