In this video, I’m going to show you THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT CALORIES IN CALORIES OUT (You’ve been lied to).
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“Why am i not losing weight?” is a common question asked all the time. It’s all about calories in vs calories out, right?

We’ve all been told that calorie restriction, being on a calorie deficit, counting calories to lose weight, is how you’re supposed to lose weight.

The problem is, the calorie myth simply hasn’t worked. The calories in calories out myth is a big lie. It’s not as simple as calories in calories out.

Do calories matter? It does. But it’s not simply about calorie counting.

If you’re not losing weight on calorie deficit and you’re working out but not losing weight. You’re wondering why am i not losing weight and want to know how to break weight loss plateau, you’ve come to the right place.

In this video I’m gonna show you the calories in calories out science, calories in calories out debunked, why diets fail, and calories in calories out explained.

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*I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor. I’m an educated coach. All information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.


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  2. I would like to ask you about water fasting. How does that work once I'm done, caloric wise? Will I stay in a negative cal Bal? With working out and eating smart? Will that cause a plateau

  3. What happens if I do a ketogenic diet but in a calorie deficit? Will my basal metabolic rate equally slow down like it would if I was eating high carb?

  4. I am soo confused with all this information. I have been researching this calorie in vs calorie out theory for awhile now. For the past month I have been trying to figure out how to lose 20lbs. Currently 155lbs at 4’11. I started by tracking calories per MyFitnessPal eating around 1800 calories, working out 4 days a week. Actually had an increase of about 2 lbs in 2 weeks so I lowered my calories to 1350. Started working out 4-5 days a week and still no change and was starving. I have decided to stop tracking my calories and just been focusing on making healthier choices and even started intermittent fasting. I’m going on month 2 and am now becoming discouraged thinking that maybe it’s hormone levels and ordered some vitamins. Idk what to do at this point, I do not know how many calories I should be consuming to control my caloric deficit. Any suggestions please HELP!!!

  5. To be honest I can eat as much as I want and lose fat while growing muscle fast, that being said, I lift weights like a beast, do HIIT Sprints, parkour, kickboxing, 5 rhythms dance, and rave hard every week. Also I eat lots of organic animal protein and fats, and eat a lot of carbs but mostly just around workouts, sometimes just after workouts, other meals just high protein, fats and maybe greens, sleep well too and do meditation and stretching and yoga, however I will say I do also have freak genetics when it comes to how fast my metabolism

  6. Very good video, thank you. Calories In / Calories Out can't be disputed in the end. BUT "Calories Out" is a complex variable that encompasses so many things like thermic effect of food, NEAT, your own metabolic adaptations because of your lifestyle/activity, hormonal profiles etc. Even "Calories In" is not so clear-cut, because depending on personal digestive/microbiome parameters the same food won't give the same "Calories In" for different people, and it might be different if taking different timings into account, or much more. In the end, to lose weight you have to expend more energy than you intake, that's a given. But all the crucial finer points of the question are ignored most of the time…Calories always matter, almost by definition since they are simply a measure of energy. But when applied to biology, nuances abound. We all know nuances sell more poorly than big easy miracle rules and hacks though…

  7. Me eat clean (high protein less sugar) for two week and try one cheat meal which is dalgona coffee (too much sugar)

    Taste buds: it so GOOD
    Stomach: Girllll you gonna DIE.*My stomach hurt so bad*

    Me: NEVER AGAINNN eat food with so much sugar.

  8. I use my fitness pale. I really like it cuz I can keep track of nutrition effortlessly. But after the end of every day. It logs my calories. Gives a 'if I eat this way for 5 weeks I'll b x amount of lbs. It's never right. I believe I'm eating a calorie maintenance but it tells me I'll loose weight. I've been using my fitness pale for months. Its definitely not accurate. But still beneficial for other reasons. U just cant go by just calories. Depends on the quality, time window eaten and energ expenditure I feel bad for the ppl that rely on calories in, calories out. Their in a loop hole, a conveyor belt

  9. Ur right carlo…. Im doing weight loss… But i dont count calories and im in IF for almast 3 months…. But i dont count calories… Its take too much time for like me as a busy person… On my fisting time im eat and im eat if im hungry only… Thnks carlo 4 another tips… Godblessed…

  10. i'm interested to try keto diet but it's not possible during these days of quarantine and i'm a little skeptikal about it for some reasons. maybe this is the best time to educate myself first before jumping into a big decision. i'm honestly interested in all the health benefits along with losing weight and i've heard from some people that you'll get abs easily thru keto diet. idk if this is true but i'm excited to see it for myself 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂

  11. Dropping by to say THANK YOU. Thank you for this video!

    Counting calories was okay at the start of my 'fitness' journey but as time goes on, it has become highly depressing when you can't meet your target. The restrictions made me binge eat these days and I was aware that I am developing an ED.

    So truly, thank you for this. This helps me reassure myself that it is fine to stop counting those calories.

  12. Is there any effect for bedtime? I sleep enough hours, but I sleep late, around 3 am, does this affect my fat loss?

  13. What you think about 1 glass of red wine daily? Is that allowed in fase when you are on your wanted weight

  14. The calories in & calories out myth was created, so dieting was simple to understand!
    In reality, losing fat is a much more scientific complicated process!

  15. I have been eating clean for 2 weeks, IF, lifting every 2 day, walking way more and running every 3 day.
    I'm not really touching carbs. Eggs, broccoli, avocado, cauliflower, salmon, chicken and other vegetables has been a big part of my diet.

    Stept on the scale today, 10 lbs lower 👌🏼
    Still around 30 lbs to go.

  16. Honestly, I don’t know how people claim calorie counting to be sustainable – all that measuring would drive me absolutely bonkers. Whatever happened to following your body’s natural rhythm. Pretty sure the ancients never went round with food scales at every meal!! Thankfully, extended and intermittent fasting has tremendously helped balance my hunger hormones. Now I’m learning about foods according to their nutritional value; combine the two together (with a cheat meal thrown in on the odd occasion) then you’ve got yourself a winning formula for fat loss and long term maintenance. Balance is most definitely key!! Oh, and also, Dr Fung is a friggin genius! Thank you for the great content. 👍🏼

  17. Thanks again for another amazing video. I used to be a calorie counter. I would see food and it had numbers on it.

  18. Hey can someone help so I’m on a 16/8 itermediate fast and I do a water only fast for 44 hours every other week is that too much on my body?? Should I do the water only fast less

  19. I used to weights 300 pounds i dropped to 188 but gained 12 pounds back again by just eating a little more junk food than usual what foods do you think i should eat to bring my metabolism up and keep that weight down for good?? Any suggestions

  20. Glad you made this video. I kept hearing you doing cico doesn't make sense but you really needed some studies to back that up. I'll do some of my own research but I appreciate this video. Really made me think.

  21. Speaking of being lied to, four out of five of my last girlfriends ended up being men. Like what are the odds?!?! Statistically this is impossible that it happened by chance. Carlo, what am I doing wrong?

  22. Building muscle and losing fat , from the caloric deficit intake but intermittent fasting is just making losing weight more easily

  23. Today was my first grain free day in a LONG time and magically its also the day where I didn't feel hungry all day. At around 11:00 AM I had some coffee with half and half and sucralose drops, then I had two eggs with tomato and onion and a leftover grilled wing around 12:30 and then around 5PM some carnitas with vegetables like squash, onion, tomato, carrot blah blah blah….but yeah NO grains. No rice, bread, tortilla, nothing. Those things truly do cause cravings and cause people to eat more. So even though. lot of people will stiLL follow CICO, limiting carbs will be the only thing that can work for me and if most people will try it, they will open their eyes to how much their cravings are actually caused by the food they eat!

  24. I've been on omad for about 3 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds but as of today, my weight stayed the same for a couple of days. I exercise everyday and eat healthy, could you help me sum up what I should do to keep burning fat? I'm just a little confused 😅

  25. Eat whole food 90% of the time and non whole food 10% of the time! That's it! 0 calorie soda is bullshit sugar flavoured bubbly water that makes you "thin" by blocking fat-burning and spikes insulin! Whole food is the way to go! We say weight loss begins in the kitchen, not in the drive thru. I encourage everyone to learn how to cook because it's not only good for you but also money saving! (And no boxed mac and cheese is not cooking, while sometime can be practical, but eat it in moderation! :p)

  26. I lost 70 pounds on a high carb diet but I had to cut so much calories, I ended up developing bulimia/ binge eating disorder because my body needed more calories. You’re making me want to try keto .🤔 Tbh the only way that calorie cutting diet will work is by pushing the lowest calorie cut limit and then you have to start eating normal bc ur body needs the food and then start cutting again .🙄 It’ll just take longer to get there , I learned the hard way.🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m hangryy!


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