Highlights from Chapter 2:
Always remember, rehearsals are for mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make them! When you do simply celebrate it, correct it and move on.

The Formula for Fulfillment
– Vocal and musical excellence must b e a top priority
– Always perform – never just sing
– Absorb, retain and execute every musical concept
– Maintain a professional appearance and state of mind
– Use the concepts of great diction
– Sing musically
– Read the directives indicated in the score
– Clearly write the conductor’s directives in the score and execute them
– Do no disturb others (including the conductor) by talking
– Do all things with passion and enthusiasm, and be a leader.

The Soloistic Approach to Ensemble Singing
We must model ourselves after great singers and ensembles. “Although most of us do not possess the stunning voices of people like Placido Domingo or Kathleen Battle, there is no question that, with work and dedication, we can all perform as well as they do in many respects.” – Don Neuen

To Utilize the Soloistic Approach a Singer Must:
– Have a positive attitude toward the music, other members and conductor
– Focus on the beauty of sound and always work toward improvement
– Accept responsibility, do what the music tells you to without being asked
– Be a leader! Never follow the person next to you
– Use effective communication, take singing beyond the technical aspects
– Posture, you must carry yourself in a way to help you voice
– Pencil markings….MAKE THEM!

Remember, we have a great gift and responsibility to use music for the betterment of our world. We also have a choice to sing to the best of our given ability. There is no reason not to be the best we can be every time we sing!

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