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You win a prize if you notice the error in this review, plus I made some kind of goof while rendering it that cut off the usual disclaimer intro. ugh

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  1. I guess I the only that loves that movie but the ds version of this game is way better or maybe that's just my nostalgia

  2. I guess I have a thing for bad games. It very well could be the fact that I live a boring life, but I find this game to be pretty fun. Especially when I come home from a shitty day at work.

  3. Incredible Hulk was actually referenced many times throughout the MCU,

    The university Hulk scene which shown in news can be seen during Iron Man 2 ending when he is talking to Nick Fury. During phil coulson visit to Stark Tower u can see Tony accessing files of previous movie recorded, and you clearly see the university hulk scene.

    An alternate scene of Banner suicide was also mentioned in Avengers. Also the whole super soldier program was first established in Hulk, and the Roger transformation scene calls back Hulk transfoemation scene, with the eyes opening dramatically.

    Other than that, Thunderbolt Ross returned and played a larger part in the MCU now, and the guy eating pizza who was supposed to Amadeus Cho was retcon to be Mr. Harrington due to they being played by the same actor.

    And of course, Tony Stark made a freaking appearance in the post credit scene.

  4. 2: 20 Bruh, that font for the word "War", in the title "Transformers War for Cybertron" is literall the exact font of the Gears of War games. Mostly the first 3, since 4 and 5 have the most different fonts compared to the first 3. But its literally the exact font. It looks like they cut the word "War" from the poster/cover of the Gears of War games, and slapped it on that transformers game through the past button lmfao

  5. Ok I’m not defending this game but the hulk is not spider man he can’t run up walls so the wall climbing is way more realistic

  6. Other than the fact that you got Yuri Lowenthal in this video, 23:39 – 23:49 is a beautiful representation of what the game is. Had me laughing for literally 2 hours.

  7. this litteraly is the first game i have played in all my life
    so yea, broke all this people with the same clothe and all this buildings was awesome

  8. Your stance on voice acting being difficult is one that I also share. I got into a debate recently with a guy who said that that voice acting wasn't hard. I was among many people who called that guy out for being so blatantly ignorant and not taking into account that voice acting requires a lot of hard work to capture a fully emotive character. He also didn't consider it acting. I'm glad that you acknowledge that voice acting is something which should be taken seriously.

  9. Universally? I loved this movie. Hulk was menacing and badass. He felt monstrous and human simultaneously. Norton was great, Liv Tyler was great. Tim Blake Nelson was great. Tim Roth was great. And William Hurt General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross was fucking awesome. It’s probably one of my favorite MCU films.

  10. I didn't know who Bibeast was in 2008 I was ready to play as Red Hulk but little did I know it was only for ps3 and x360 at the time ..I was so broken hearted …yes I still had the PS3

  11. I know this game is waste cash. The Incredible Hulk ultimate destruction is way more better trust me guys. It’s more action and more Insane ability to do. The more I like about that because the enemy its taking us (such as player) very serious and make it more like extreme challenge that we wanted for. They should totally remaster the ultimate destruction I mean really it’s worth playing that better this stupid Incredible Hulk bullshit. If I offended y’all I apologized.

  12. I remember when playing this when like 4 all I would do was just grab people throw people off the buildings and destroy everything instead of doing the story.

  13. Incredible Hulk the movie is good to me, tho. It is referenced cause General Ross plays quite a big role in Civil war


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