#KingsOfHorror presents: The House Next Door

A newlywed couple move into their dream home only to find that their next door neighbor isn’t as good natured as they had initially thought.

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  1. “How DARE you bring a GUN into this house!!” (Shoots the creepy dude 5 times with it at the end) 🤔😂😂😂

  2. It’s amazing how much prettier and sophisticated Sean Young always looked with shorter hair. Guess she has the right face for it. I tried it once…ended up looking like Thelma from Scooby Doo. 😔

  3. If the husband has any balls he would go over there with a sword and kill that mother fucker abusive bastard, the whole system is corrupt there. I am not sure if thats the right thing to but the only alternate is to move away, sell the house and tell higher authorities. Films like this make me angry. The good husband would get away with it if he just cut him in half with a sword tho

  4. That cop is a joke. He's buddies with Carl so it's pointless in talking with him!

    Cop: Was anything taken? Did he harm or threaten you in any way?
    Me: Look here you Barney Fiff muddafugga that's besides the point. He wasn't invited ass!

  5. Carl is putting out those mega creeper vibes. Based on the initial meeting with Helen I take it that Carl likes things a certain way. Helen seems very timid with no identity of her own that goes beyond wife, and mother. Something is a little off with that man (Carl). He's the type that would beat his wife for leaving a spoon in the sink, over cooking his steak, or just simply speaking up for herself.

  6. Lori had a weak husband and to make matters worse they bought a house in a area where evil had a big influence on everything and everyone, oh well at least Carl supplied the means for his demise.

  7. Not sure this was a good pick for me to watch right now , considering I am moving to another state to my new house .

  8. Am I supposed to feel okay with the fact that two people are dead because of the main character? And that Carl looks so peaceful dead?

  9. All real men died. The ones that are left, got married. Now, the leftovers are gay. The good ones, you cannot trust. There are no men left anymore.


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