Welcome to the A-Z Adventure! Where I play every single champion in League while in Diamond ranked. Current patch: 7.1.

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  1. You hate redemption when its on the enemy team, but love it when its on your team. Quit being a hypocrite

  2. Need adc
    EUNE gold at least
    please feel free to answear me if you want to duo with me cause my adc's are depressing

  3. Idk if you'll see this, but you said you got laser eye surgery did it hurt? My little brother wants to get it done but he's scared it's gonna hurt.

  4. 6:20 you e'd for like a third of ur e range which caused u to miss the kill, and u say ur worried about the riven… SeemsGood. and no im not saying riven played that perfectly but neither did u =p

  5. Just a question, isn't it more beneficial to evolve something else than Q first? I mean, Q only gets a bit of range and reduced cd on isolated targets, no flat damage increase. R or E on the other hand would give you mobility / resets. Its just that many times I don't find it really useful evolving Q first. I want your opinion on it 🙂

  6. to be honest your team is useless this game..viktor dont know shit..varus miss ult many times and for not good reason..and also that ahri is good and cait

  7. what the hell why is your cs in jungle so low rengar had 36 cs when you had 9 and stil gank as much as you.

  8. Pleaseeeeee pick up Kha'Zix. He's one of my favourite champs and he's so fun to watch & play.

    Also the Gunnars look dope!

  9. Huzzy the healing is independent from the damage dealt by Swain. They changed it in 6.10. It is now a flat heal with an AP ratio.

  10. Seems like that victor was first time, man he made soo many mistakes. And well rivens engage a lot with or without team. As for varus and thresh, one was too squishy for a tank and went 2wards enemy team without thinking and one lacked burst A.S damage at least as a 2v2 varus should have q poked a lot or maybe i am totally wrong.

  11. Huzzy you're playing way too safe in low Elo games. Your mechanics is really good compared with plat players, you should do more invading and ganking in the early game, and snowball from there.

  12. hei Huzzy,
    it was a funn and good episode, i like to see Kha zix gameplay it is funn.
    I dont realy care if you uplode 3 games in one episode if thats beter and faster fore you, i just like to see all champions in the game.

  13. never played riven this season when you are playing khazix lol(and its the start of a new season aswell plus that first death wasnt a 1v1 if you say you are comming top only she did play that poorly

  14. yo huzz u are mistaken about the healing thing on swain, his healing is just based of ap, the damage done doesnt affect it, it got changed in the mage update. 🙂

  15. With regards to Exhaust vs Swain, they changed Swain's ultimate so that his heal is independent of his damage. It will heal him for the same amount without regard for his damage being reduced (by Exhaust or MR).


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