100 questions in two hours!


(4:30) Better Betty Ross: 2003 Hulk or 2008 Incredible Hulk?
(5:14) Is there a story in comics you still want to see adapted to the big screen? And who should direct it?
(6:36) If you could rewrite any film or comic, what would it be or why?
(7:47) What if Blade Trinity happened in the MCU and introduced Morbius?
(9:03) Thoughts on the Snyder Cut being released on HBO Max?
(10:42) Do you prefer lemons or limes?
(11:28) Do you notice a trend in your favorite characters?
(13:52) What do you expect to see in the Snyder Cut that wasn’t in the theatrical version?
(15:18) What other countries besides Germany would you like to visit?
(17:15) Why do people like to talk about fictional media rather than politics?
(19:50) Fish or birds? Cucumbers or pickles? Apples or oranges? Watermellons or cantaloupe? Green or orange? Day or night?
(23:09) Could Snyder’s continuity come back to HBO Max if the Snyder Cut is successful?
(24:50) Were you ever afraid fans would come over to your house uninvited?
(26:00) Favorite British films and shows?
(27:25) Why is it so hard to believe a person likes the kind of entertainment you don’t like?
(29:56) Figs or raisins? Swords or guns? Snakes or spiders?
(31:22) Do you think Marvel will drop the politics after quarantine?
(33:46) Do you have to like something just because it’s popular?
(34:45) If you could only consume the future content from Star Trek or Batman, what would it be?
(35:46) Genesis or Super Nintendo?
(36:26) Dogs or cats? Books or comics? Spawn or Carnage?
(38:56) What do you think about Bob Dylan?
(39:53) Favorite character from Metropolis?
(40:38) Why are people’s opinions so extreme about media?
(41:43) Film or music? Cigars or pipes? DJ or Dan?
(43:25) What is your favorite shade of purple?
(43:53) What is your personal, least favorite superhero film?
(44:33) If you could live in the world of one superhero, what would it be?
(46:01) Lead with heart or with brain?
(47:10) What genres have you not gotten into but want to?
(48:10) Why is it socially acceptable to look down on someone that likes BVS but when a talk show host or director looks down on people who like superhero fiction that’s not acceptable?
(49:55) Which is the better invention? Chess, poker, or baseball?
(51:36) Does The Last Airbender count as a superhero movie?
(52:20) Would you be on board with an Ayer cut of Suicide Squad?
(54:23) Thoughts on Superman: Man of Tomorrow taking cues from American Alien?
(56:12) Have you ever watched Fullmetal Alchemist?
(57:14) What if Arkham Asylum actually worked?
(58:00) Are studios paying too much attention to fan complaints?
(1:00:04) Do you think Marvel will get backlash from fans if they don’t get the casting choices they want for Sue Storm and Reed Richards?
(1:01:48) Who is your favorite comic writer?
(1:03:00) Have you read Frank Miller’s Holy Terror?
(1:03:31) Would you rather live 100 years ago or 100 years from now?
(1:05:20) What do you want to see from The Batman?
(1:05:58) AT&T is teasing Ayer’s Suicide Squad cut on twitter. Thoughts?
(1:07:10) Thoughts on the upcoming Next Gen consoles?
(1:08:50) NASA discovered a possible parallel universe. Thoughts?
(1:09:55) How do you feel about Tom Cruise filming a movie in space?
(1:11:02) What is your favorite animated DC movie?
(1:11:34) Could Spider Island work as a movie?
(1:12:45) Who is your favorite Frozen character?
(1:14:05) Do you like to listen to lo-fi music?
(1:15:16) Do you think the best way to revive Hellboy is on television?
(1:16:27) Big Fish or Ed Wood?
(1:16:57) Do adaptations have more weight than source material?
(1:18:40) Favorite Sega Genesis model?
(1:20:04) What movie would you be most likely to see post quarantine?
(1:21:34) What are some authors you want to get into?
(1:22:35) What hero passing a mantle on to another is your favorite?
(1:24:11) Is Black Widow a bad choice to start Phase 4?
(1:25:58) What gives fans the right to harass creators because they didn’t like what they made?
(1:27:00) Will Squadron Supreme get an MCU movie?
(1:27:52) Was it bad to have two movies with Han and Lando back to back?
(1:28:50) What is your favorite song?
(1:30:28) Would we accept Superman in our world today?
(1:31:20) Why did WB go to Snyder at all to head the DCEU?
(1:32:56) What is your favorite chocolate?
(1:33:40) What if Men in Black 2 focused on a different pair of agents?
(1:35:07) Have you watched The Animatrix?
(1:35:33) Most cynical superhero moment?
(1:36:42) Favorite audiobook?
(1:37:08) Tennett trailer live reaction?
(1:38:03) X-Men or Avengers? Batman or The Tick?
(1:38:36) Thoughts on the cancelled Superman game?
(1:38:53) Spyro or Crash Banidcoot?
(1:39:28) What should Planet of the Apes do next?
(1:40:12) Do you wish we’d gotten the Affleck Batman movie?
(1:41:15) Do you want to see another Batman Arkham game?
(1:42:00) TMNT: Mirage or IDW?
(1:43:09) What largely disliked movies do you like?

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  1. When Cap said he likes the movie Passengers, I don't know if he meant the Jennifer Lawrence / Chris Pratt movie "Passengers (2016)" or he meant the Anne Hathaway / Patrick Wilson movie "Passengers (2008)".

  2. I think that people, who say they don't like superhero fiction, are trying to say it as an opinion not as a factual statement

  3. 4 hours?Sounds like filler scenes.Which DC shells out to often to render there movies pointless to watch.

  4. For The Bat-woman question:
    To giving opportunities for the actors that are in the lgbtq communities a chance to be in a movie or show. And, for some people, the actors performance will be more genuine because of the lgbtq actor. It's kinda like the Hollywood white washing thing.


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