The TakeOver Review:
After enjoying the wonderful Streets of Rage 4 we finally received this week, it had me thinking about the various pitches we’ve seen for new Streets of Rage games over the past couple of decades. Most of these stories are scattered to the wind all over the place with some seemingly forgotten even by fans. Therefore, I wanted to compile them all into one video and reminisce over the Streets of Rage sequels we never received that helped us get to the 2020 Streets of Rage 4. Sources are below.

*Heavy fact-checking of “Wait, am I remembering this correctly?” from
*Fighting Force prototype from:
*I pulled the Streets of Rage Dreamcast footage from here, though I’m unsure who the actual source for the leak is:
*Yuzo Koshiro’s shared concept art of Streets of Rage 4:
*SEGA statement on C&D’ing Streets of Rage Remake:
*Grin Barcelona’s Streets of Rage Remake:
*Backbone artist’s Streets of Rage / E-SWAT pitch:
*Ruffian Games’ Streets of Rage sequel:
*SEGA Reborn and Streets of Rage Remake:
*Paul Large character models:

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