Tesla started Delivering the Model Y about a month ago, and today we compare it to their flagship from 2012, the Model S.

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Today we are going to compare the Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s newest car and expected to be their most popular. The Model S was first released in 2012, and not a ton has changed since 2012.

The Model Y is brand new, but it is based 75% on a car that has been out for 3 years, and will eventually have a starting price of around $41,000 when the standard range Model releases next year.

Now the 2020 Tesla Model S starts at $79,990, gets 391 miles of range, and a 0-60 of 3.7 seconds.

Clearly, the Model S is Tesla’s fastest car and has the longest range, but with a difference of around $28,000-$40,000 depending on which trim you buy, it’s important to consider if the Model S is really worth the extra cost.

What’s interesting to note in these cars is just how similar they are when it comes to storage locations. In the Model S we have storage in the frunk, hatchback trunk, under storage, and side cubbies. And so does the Model Y.

Now my biggest complaint about the Model Y so far has been the rear visibility, and to be honest, it’s actually very similar in the Model S

With Model Y being a taller car, you’ll have more storage space in those same locations, but now let’s get into all the ways the Model S is better than the Model Y. For almost $40,000 or more between base Models, there better be some clear ways the Model S comes out on top.

First up is obvious. The Model S gets a faster 0-60 up to 2.4 seconds in the performance Model vs the Model Y’s 3.5 seconds in the Performance Model. It also goes longer on a charge with up to 391 in the long-range Model compared to the Model Y’s 316 miles.

Next up, the Model S features two screens, with the second placed right where speedometers are typically placed. This screen gives you speed, Autopilot visualizations, general energy usage, extra mapping data, and more options to choose from.

The Model Y features just one screen, but no screen directly in front of you.

Handling in the Model S is much sportier, now this isn’t to say that the Model Y doesn’t handle well. It handles incredibly well and feels sportier than most cars out there, but it’s a big car, and big cars just can’t handle the same as larger cars.

Next up, The Model S features Air Suspension, allowing you to choose between Low, Standard, High, and Very High Suspension.

The Model Y has a standard, fixed suspension with a listed ground clearance of 6.6 inches.

Next up, the Model S features a heated steering wheel, a power-adjustable headrest, more physical stalks around the steering wheel, and a HEPA filter for what Tesla calls “bioweapon defense mode”.

On top of these, the Model S rides smoother, and the cabin is overall quieter thanks to that Air suspension.

And lastly, the Model S includes unlimited supercharging for life.

Ways the Model Y is better than the Model S.

While the Model Y only features one screen, the horizontal orientation, and location of the screen being located away from the dash actually make it much easier to see, and access for controls.

Furthermore, on the screen, the Autopilot visualizations are much larger and easier to see on the Model Y than the Model S.

The Model Y features this beautiful panoramic glass roof. Now the Model S used to come with a roof like this but doesn’t in 2020.

The length and width of the Model Y are smaller than the Model S, and it’s a noticeable difference when pulling into tight spots or garages. I find it easier to drive the Model Y for this reason. It’s smaller but doesn’t feel smaller.

On top of this, the added height on the Model Y gives it a lot more cargo space.

The Model Y is easier to get into than the Model S since it is higher off the ground, with higher seats.

The legroom in the Model Y is more spacious.

Last up, The Model S just feels older, and in need of a refresh.

Which car would you choose? Is the extra range, performance, and premium features worth the cost on what I would consider the somewhat outdated Model S?

Or does the lower cost, simplistic interior, glass roof, and cargo space of the Model Y make it the reason to skip the Model S? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tesla Model S vs Model Y.

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  1. Yo thanks for all the vids. Getting my model Y from Dania Beach tomorrow!!! Blue performance with perf pack. Used your referral code on it.

  2. Hello, followup question, you have tested the performance with 21 inch wheels, is yours noticeably a smoother ride?

  3. Great video. This is minor but, the model S normally has 2 cubbies in the trunk unless you opt for the upgraded sound system. They put the sub woofer in the right cubby in the back, leaving just one available for storage. Just a heads up.

  4. Y for practically; S for the best performance in almost ANY car, smooth AND sporty ride, and great practically at the same time. The premium is well worth it for me, but I totally understand people getting the Y because it does the essentials so well, and the marginal benefits for the things above may not seem worth it for most people.

  5. As a Model S owner, you can program certain functions to work using the right side of the steering wheel, such as temp control, so no need to use the middle screen. Thanks for the video. I have a 2015 model and love it.

  6. All smiles for this video and the bloopers lol. Good to see the fiance involved. Overall the Model Y seems like the best choice when buying a Tesla. Yeah range cuts but how much of it you really! need!?

    Your next challenge is shooting b-roll, lol, get the accent features in clips.

  7. Put simply, the Model-S is just way out of my price-range. I am saving hard to be able to (just barely) afford a Model-Y (when they eventually become available in the UK). Plus my wife has hip problems, so getting in and out of such a low car as the Model-S would also rule it out as we need a vehicle with the extra height, even taking cost out of the picture.

  8. I’m trading my S for a Y, but the main reason that’s an upgrade for me is that my S is old (2013). Comparing an early S to a new Tesla, any model would be an upgrade. I still prefer how the S looks, but I feel the Y is a better, more up-to-date design and build (especially the battery pack design). If they were the same price it’d be hard to decide, but the price makes the Y an easy choice.

  9. Thanks Ryan, this is a comparison that I was interested in seeing or making myself, but you did it first! This is an easy choice after seeing the video and I hope I will enjoy a Model Y!

  10. How about changing temp n many other features via voice control? Reach ???? Great video, as usual. Keep up the good work. Appreciated!

  11. Great video. Four weeks ago I traded in my Model S 100D to a Model Y Performance with the 21 inch wheels. After driving Model Y for five days I was very disappointed with the harsh ride quality and the efficiency at 40 degree weather coming from a Model S . I was really hopping that I will like the Model Y unfortunately as much as I liked sitting higher in a Model Y I decided to return my Model Y and go back to a Model S using Tesla 7 day return policy. Tesla so far has been very accommodating and they were able to find in existing inventory 2020 Model S Raven which I should get a delivery this week.

  12. i like the model Y better than S. love the glass roof,cargo space,easy to get in and out of the driver seat ,,,,,etc. good size car to drive in the city for daily commute !

  13. Thank you Ryan for giving us the info about speed and range in Km/h and Km, for us to traduce from miles is little bit difficult, to get perfection you only need to tell us how tall are you in centimeters

  14. Can you compare whether three regular-sized adults in the second row will be more comfortable in a Model Y or S for a 3hr drive, pls? Officially, Model S is supposed to to have more 1" more shoulder room and 4" more hip space, but so much more leg room. Thxs!

  15. We just got delivery of our model S two weeks ago so I can confirm the new model S has a panoramic roof. Our old model S from 2015 has a smaller sunroof 😊 Love the videos!

  16. Great video Ryan! I think you meant Model Y instead of Model 3 at 1:14 though😂

    I can’t wait to get my Model Y! I ordered mine 4/4/2020

    Any ideas you think I’ll get mine? I’m thinking after summer so September 2020. I ordered a white AWD MYLR with standard Gemini 19” wheels.

  17. I live in England, Central London and I plan to buy the model Y. I plan to use it to do Uber driving, mainly airport runs. Therefore with all that space in the Model Y is the better one for me. Plus all that space and sitting higher up. I can only wonder when the model Y is going to come out in 2021 and when it does I will be there waiting. The cost for the model Y is really going to be a winner for Tesla.

  18. Nice comparison. I always think of the "free" supercharging in the more expensive models S and X to just be baked into the higher prices of those cars.

  19. The only thing I’m waiting for right now is the Tesla model S Plaid. I hope it’s gonna be an absolutely amazing interior/performance upgrade for Tesla.

  20. MS is sublime to drive on the road, it's a big beautiful car, with loads of storage space, so ahead of it's time, still elegant as ever
    MY, (haven't received my order yet) should be easier to live with due to garage space and urban driving ease
    M3P is definitely a fun car to drive, so sporty, reminds me of my old e30 M3

  21. The Model S does have a panoramic glass roof, when i go on their website and go to where they talk about the interior, press “learn more” and scroll down they show and state that the Model S has a panoramic glass roof


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