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Honda made a lot of people happy when they finally brought over the hottest Civic to American shores in 2017. The #HondaCivicTypeR made you rethink your expectations on how a hot hatch should perform. Especially a FWD hot hatch. The #CivicTypeR was so good, that demand exceeded production and continues to do so 3 years later. For 2020, the #TypeR gets minor changes to the look, but bigger changes under the skin that should make this #HotHatch even more formidable on the race track. #Honda will undoubtedly continue to sell as many #Civic Type R’s as they can build.


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  1. For the same price you can get a fully loaded Kia stinger GT limited here in Canada which includes AWD + twin turbo V6 + Sportback extra cargo space and many other luxury features. You would have to be a complete idiot to buy a Honda over a Kia at the same price point.

  2. I bought a 2018 civic one down from touring in 2018. Traded it for a 2018 accord Sport 4months later. Could not stand the steering wheel or the infotainment system. Drove me nuts. The type r is my dream car. But I can't bring myself to buy it because of the damn infotainment and steering wheel. Also, looking to work at Honda's manufacturing plant in Alliston Ontario. Maybe I'll be able to get a nice discount.

  3. The back half of this car Is just plain ugly to me. There is way too much going on and the wing is just stupid.

  4. I looked at the official site for honda and the Type R only comes in manual. Why?? Will they make it a have a Auto transmission at some point?

  5. A race car doesn’t have heated seats and a advanced sound system. It’s a race car your lucky to get working brakes

  6. I just don't understand why would anyone buy this kind of car. Yes, it is fun to drive but look horrible inside and out. It costs close to 40k and it doesn't have blind spot monitoring or heated seats? For that money I would just buy a Miata and call it a day.

  7. Why would you want them to add weight in the worst possible area with a sunroof. Most enthusiast don't want heavy piece of glass that will affect CG.

  8. No rotors are not larger same 330mm diameter and no there’s no cruise control radar sensor behind the front H emblem smh

  9. You learn something about gas of 87 vs 93 octane and AKI or anti knock index before say it doesn’t require 93 gas. Car comes tuned from factory for 93 gas to begin with

  10. I'm sure its a great car and many love it but as an owner of a JDM FD2 Type R, this car is absolutely sacrilegious. Type Rs were absolutely about the driving and driver focus. All else were unnecessary, only the drive experience – acceleration, "lightness," response, feel – matters. Type Rs used to not even have reverse sensors let alone camera. Honda sensing in a Type R? Whatever for? And the supremely blasphemous item on this current one must be the active sound control through the speakers! Bad enough on BMW M cars and it seems far worse in a Type R. That's just so fake! Sorry I just can't accept that. A sports car / sedan has to be raw, real and visceral just like the older Type Rs. The new ones are freakishly fast but it just ain't as much fun. I hope Honda Japan takes it back for the next one.

  11. the Civic Type R is the ONLY car that if I owned i'd actually put smaller wheels on. Geez those carriage wagon wheels are atrocious.

  12. I love the Type R. But in 2020, even if Honda claims it has addressed the suppressed sound, the car just lacks it. And Honda cheaped out by routing the supposed sound through the audio. An ok try, Honda, but it's almost nothing

  13. What's up with the trumpets and the fake sound come on Honda. Veloster N sounds so much better. Too much electronics. Honda needs to bring back the CRX and make it Type R.

  14. The exhaust in the Type R still sounds like a vacuum cleaner, horrible.
    I'm hoping that the 2021 Civic Type R will include an active exhaust like the Veloster n has then I'll definitely pull the trigger on the type-r if not I'll get a Veloster N.
    Honda doesn't understand that a sports car is supposed to sound sporty not muffled check out the Ford GT350, a Porsche GT3 or GT4, they sound incredible.
    I've taken both the type R and the Veloster N Out for test drives and to be honest I had more fun in the Veloster n just because it's more visceral.

  15. Noise pollution is a major problem in cities . So if you want a noisy car or truck or whatever keep it in the cabin . Imposing your noise fetishes on others is not good . When your vehicle racket is heard several miles away is self centered . It does not add that much horsepower . I can understand having the noise on a race track but please keep your racket inside your cabin . i know make it so noisy that you have to wear ear plugs in your car . Pilots in the P 51 Mustangs noted the drone of the engine when on long flights as being very exhausting . It is ok to have some minor exhaust note but not in the hearing loss zone is not good. It is not about you , you , you . It is about living in a society / collective us . If would be great if there would be a place to race and do donuts . Not just straight line racing but a curvey test track . Nuremberg track . Yes I am a performance car , vehicle enthusiast but there is a appropriate time and place for motor sports . One more thing:

  16. I dont understand why you dont understand… You know very well why they build without those things…
    We might be able to download a 3rd party .apk and install other in-car exhaust sound

  17. The argument against Alcantara seems ridiculous, as cleaning the material is very simple, according to the manufacturer.

  18. My opinion only, get rid of the stupid tri exhaust pipes go dual pipes each side and get rid of the grotesque rear pumper "smudges" on each side….it's just stupid okay?. Other than that it's nice and worthy.


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