Check out for the full comparison breakdown by Edmunds experts Alistair Weaver and Carlos Lago.

Edmunds experts Alistair Weaver and Carlos Lago compare the pros and cons of Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y and Ford’s Mustang Mach-E. Which is the best between the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, and how do the Model Y and Model 3 compare to the Ford Mustang Mach-E? Watch to find out as Alistair and Carlos discuss key differences in electric car price, range, interior, specs and more.

Edmunds’ complete review of Tesla Model Y:
Edmunds’ complete review of Tesla Model 3:
Edmunds’ complete review of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E:

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  1. With the Mustang Mach-E coming, it makes us wonder what's next. Camaro IROC-E? Read the story about this comparison for more detail:

  2. Regarding Model Y 18:35 in "I wish I could get this style vehicle with a smaller diameter wheel" You can, just have to spend 60 seconds looking at the order page. Select the Performance version of the car, but do not click optional "Performance Upgrade" box. Then you get the full performance acceleration, with 19 inch wheels and 30 miles more range. No 21 inch wheels or getting lowered for a bumpy ride.

  3. I do not like this comparison video! Not well done at all! To much backstory and two commentators. Mach E is made in Mexico!

  4. I know people say "oh you get used to it" but I don't wanna turn my head to the right a little bit to see my speed. Heads up Display, simple. Never taking out a loan for a Tesla vehicle; why didn't I just use the word "buy" lol

  5. The ability to customize features at the purchase, to use regular tires instead of low profile ones, full metal frame on door glass allowing to avoid road noise, better adjustable suspension for rough roads, ability to quickly fix the service problem at Ford dealership, constantly improving Electrify America AND other charging networks coming along, more trafitional driving experience with speedometer in front, mechanical knobs for some quick fetures like air conditioning in contrast to burried deeply in touch screen menu of Tesla minimalistic screen, better built interior materials, less road noise, ability to have on air updates in future, full integration with Android and iOS devices, much less vampire drain of the battery notorious for long time parked Teslas might sway some buyers from Tesla to Ford especially considering tax incentives and better ride quality on rough roads.

  6. I really Think the Mach E may pull it off slowly but surely. One reason is your going to get so many Ford loyalists that would never buy a Tesla may get curious about electric. The Mustang name doesn’t really fit on it but it is good marketing. To tell people I have a mustang some middle class soccer moms and others might like to say lol but also the guy that owns a built mustang might want to add and the Mach e mustang to the stable just to have it. You can charge in your garage and at other chargers and eventually there will be more charging stations. Me personally I’m a gas engine guy so Tesla don’t do it for me and they always feel really cheap on the inside. Plus I hate not having gauges in front of me. So if I ever had to get or wanted to get a EV it’s the Mach E plus ford has dealerships everywhere if you do have issues.

  7. I'm happy to see Ford doing a serious EV from the ground up. Long story short, they're trying their best to play catch-up with Tesla and doing a fair amount of copying in the process. Can we blame them? Tesla is leading the way. The Ford is certainly not made in America though. It is assembled in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico because there is no way they could make it in American and make a profit on it, while getting anywhere close to Tesla's specs at a similar price point. I wish Ford the best, their future is really riding on whether or not they can figure this whole EV thing out and fast.

  8. Ive seen about 3 teslas ever in life..the electric cars are not popular in the usa……I live in a town of about 100,000 people..there is no charging stations…so that tesla if you get the extra 100,000 dollars to buy a car with takes 52 hours to charge on 110 volts….that is about all anyone would have on the outside of a house to plug into….so,I have no interest in an electric car…Ill keep burning gasoline
    vs burning coal and waiting days for a car to recharge.

  9. Good, objective and unbiased view's. Refreshing. Thank you guys.
    I am in the UK and put a reservation on Mach E entry level. Still thinking about going for a bigger battery? Any advise will be appreciated.

  10. "The 3 biggest real world EVs of 2020 are …" What about adding Polestar to the mix instead of 2 Tesla models which are basically the same?

  11. Where do you guys get your information from about resale value? Currently 2012 to 2015 Tesla model asses are going for 50 to 60% of original MSRP. A similar ICE car is only 30 to 40% for that same window.

  12. Hi, check out the Tesla song by DMV’s own Freshboy Papa. Thanks

  13. My but the Tesla trolls are swarming tonight.
    I wonder if you guys realize how toxic you are to the whole EV movement in the US. When you pizz on every EV that comes out, especially w/o doing your homework first, you chase off those new to the EV market who drop in just out of curiosity, maybe considering an EV for the first time. After reading your snark they are more likely to just go buy another Toyota than to buy a Tesla. It really doesn't help the Tesla brand or the revolution at all. Really.

  14. Did he just say, “the depreciation of some older electric cars can be alarming”?? I might be wrong but Im pretty sure electric cars such as the model s and nissan leaf which are both relatively old electric cars hold their value much more than their ICE competitors.

  15. The model 3 is not the model t of the ev world. The model t was affordable for the blue collar worker. I work hard and I can’t afford a model 3.

  16. 13:02–13:10 This is incorrect. The Ford Mustang Mach-e is not “Made in America,” if he’s referring to the US. It’s actually going to be made in Mexico, as stated by Ford. The Tesla Model Y is the vehicle out of the two that’s going to be made in 🇺🇸

  17. Here's me just sold my Audi A3 and just got my shiny Model 3….'c'mon darling, can't wait! let's throw our bikes in the back and zoom off to the lake district for some serious mountain trail off roading….'
    ……oh.? ..oh dear.

  18. The Mach E is waaaayyyyy better looking than soap dish bland Model Y.
    Also – in the UK the base Model Y will cost approx 20% more than the Mach E and that's why I opt for MachE.
    I will miss supercharger network though.

  19. >.>

    I do not care about it being EV or not.

    ONLY thing valuable with TESLA is autopilot technology for cars.
    everything else is blah blah.

    they know it too that's why they increased the cost of autopilot.

  20. « The Tesla Model 3 UI feels dated… and is not that smooth… ». Which planet do you live on!? Please name one other car with a better UI that the Tesla Model 3 UI. Just one…

  21. I recognize you talked about it but I really don't think the discussions around charging are ever sufficient. The costs and the ease for non-Tesla is a disadvantage that is hard to overcome unless you just hate Tesla/Elon Musk. The other manufacturers haven't figured this aspect out or just think it is the consumer's problem. (Tesla isn't perfect here but is working on it all the time.)

  22. I feel like if you want a car that is always on the edge of self driving and with out the corporate politics tesla is the only way.

  23. Can someone please tell me how the model 3 screen is “outdated” or “slow”???? Looking at the video and they are not exactly showing what they mean by that.

  24. …with Electrify America having 800 chargers currently available compared to Tesla's over 12,000 superchargers today… to say EA is "lagging a bit behind" is a bit of an understatement.
    Overall decent conversation though. I do believe the Mach-E will be the first real challenger to Teslas dominance of the EV market. Each has its strengths and weaknesses… competition is good for us consumers though, and hopefully will make EVs better and drive down the cost.

  25. As someone that drives a model 3 When I get in any other car to drive I get confused by where everything is just like these people are confused by the Tesla system it’s just what happens when you’re used to something. if I made someone with an Apple phone use an android for a week they would get used to it after a couple days

  26. The video itself was good, but the subject matter was lacking. Left out a lot of vital information about the Tesla oh and the fact that Mach E might not even make it to production! I want it to though, would be nice for Tesla to have decent competition. That’s just my truth though Edmonds, don’t come at me.


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