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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology. This week news about:

(01:01)Records set –
(01:55) Pushed Back –
(02:45) Unveiling –
(03:38) 400 Miles (643 km) –
(04:26) Blockchain Implementation –
(05:13) Joint Development –
(06:01) New Platform –
(06:55) Lower-Spec –
(07:40) Platform Details – –
(08:39) It’s a Date!-
(08:57) A Bad Rep –
(09:19) Refresh delayed –
(09:34) Secret sauce –
(09:51) Flexible Platform –
(10:09) Popularity –
(10:33) Rolled back –
(10:49) Partners -.
(11:07 ) Testing –
(11:25) Developed at Home —
(11:46) Fastest Jeeps Yet –
(12:05) Cash for Clunkers – Ford proposes a cash-for-clunkers(but maybe not specifically for electric cars) –
(12:27) Lessened –
(12:42) Chargeup! –
(13:01) Terrible Sales –
(13:21) Rising Registrations –
(13:41) 2%
(13:59) He-Man –
(14:26)Concept Teased –
(15:19) April Fools! – –


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  1. @13:40. Yes EV sales have taken off in Europe but it isn’t just about Tesla M3 which was already selling well last year. Here in France the new 52kW Zoe sales have doubled along with new models from Peugeot like the 208e which has got off to a flying start. Hyundai and Kia are also managing to deliver more. Demand is outstripping supply all around and we are looking at the 1 million new EV sales this year.

  2. Your statement that president Trump 'rolled back' emission reduction standards is incorrect. !
    He only extended the time table to meet the standards to a more realistic schedule .

  3. Audi's approach to EVs is an embarrassment to it's heritage as a technology leader. Even Kia sells far more technologically advanced EVs.

  4. BMW’s blocking – and how does that work with ICE propulsion? And if they care about the environment, why the heck are they going to make a hydrogen vehicle?

  5. With the current crisis causing a lot of transportation to come to a stop, the clearer sky's and fresher air ought to show more people that we need cleaner greener transportation

  6. 10:33 demand is there for a small affordable EV at the right price… which begs the question, why Tesla don't have a 'Model 2', or small, affordable EV.

  7. What are the energy demands of using block chain in this way? Sigh.

    But im very glad to hear that YouTuber didn't have his snkw trac repairs covered. Maybe that will discourage further idiocy.

  8. With cheap oil, I'm not sure why would most people want to spend loads of money for new more efficient (but more complex and thus more expensive to repair) vehicles. In fact, any pure EV is going to be a hard sale in the next few years until this oil glut gets reduced. I think the uncertainty of the economy thanks to the virus, low oil prices, and unfriendly to repair post warranty nature are what are driving the drop of orders for Tesla's overall, not to mention more EV choices for those who want them.

  9. Question. Nikki why do USA demand cars to go fast. What is the death stats of accidents resulting from speed in USA, EU and the world..?? seem fair to have a sport of fast cars on the race track(with emergency people close by) but do we really need to go dangerously fast on public roads… Love your show, keep up the good work..

  10. Do you think we can expect a ford ranger EV like truck anytime soon? I love the concept of the Rivian but I dislike all the self driving, screens, fancy interior and massive size. I think the market needs a small 250 mile range truck with 100kW charging, quad motors and a simple interface so we can all work on our own cars.

  11. Hi Nikki. When watching your episodes, I predominantly watch the videos showing in the top left corner of the screen. If possible please, it would be great to markedly enlarge the size of these inserted videos, which are sometimes too small to see when watching on a small device. Thanks again for some excellent news updates. Best wishes.

  12. Well done, GREAT episode. So hopeful to hear Europe is leading the way with EV sales. May the racist republicans be voted out of government soon in the US so we can get back to work.

  13. I have a suggestion:
    When you say big numbers, write them on screen. They are hard to take in without seeing them.

  14. NO CASH FOR CLUNKERS! It's horrible for the car market. New and used but especially used, it penalizes the lowest income people the most. It deviated the used car market last time and only helps NEW car sales figures. I've been a mechanic for over 25 years and lived through the last mess (cash for clunkers) and the used car market still hasn't recovered to pre cfc prices. When you live in the salt belt, affordable transportation is even more important as they don't last long (bodies/frame) rot out faster than the driveline wears out.

  15. @3:07

    Please don't conform to factory rep wishes of referring to SEDANS as coupes. 🙁

    Especially something with a C pillar.




    How come this was never done for solar panel owners?

    Seems like they could use an organization speaking for them, too.

  16. Another minor crash leads to a fiery death. Are battery operated cars dangerous? Owning Tesla shares will keep you up at night. … Tesla is a story that is not investible.

  17. The Rivian factory looks way different than the empty factory I saw in 2017.
    It was still being cleaned out of the left over stuff from Mitsubishi and the storage lot was filled VW diesel buyback. It looks so nice and clean in white instead of the raw gray Mitsubishi factory.


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