Balaji Srinivasan is a highly accomplished investor, entrepreneur, executive, and academic. In this conversation with Real Vision’s Ash Bennington, Srinivasan unpacks his tech-centric view of combating the coronavirus — informed by his background in the medical testing space and his Ph.D. work in microbial genetics at Stanford. Srinivasan also served as the Chief Technical Officer at the digital currency behemoth CoinBase and as a general partner at the storied Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Srinivasan breaks down how large tech corporations are stepping into the role of international organizations like the WHO, and talks about the transition between the centralization of the 20th century and the decentralization of the 21st century. Filmed on April 28, 2020.

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Tech & the Future of Governance (w/ Balaji Srinivasan)

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  2. The military isn't smart enough to make their men take enough vitamin d3 to get their blood levels above 40? Virtually all people with serious covid have d levels below 20.

  3. Personal Identity is going to be a big issue. India and China have digital identities and those enable solutions to large scale problems like the virus. In the UK we have rebelled against and prevented a national ID system but I can't help thinking that will backfire and end up with Facebook or Google being the administrator. Identity based on public keys on a blockchain might be a more libertarian friendly path but is far too technical will no incentive to push us forward so will probably never happen. We need decentralised versions of SV companies (Twetch is the blockchain version of Twitter that Balaji asks for) to maintain liberties but that will take a lot more support from the market or a benevolent government to progress to the scale needed to match the centralised systems of India and China.


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