Taylor Swift – Style

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50 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Style

  1. when you realize the song is called Style about Harry Styles …why did it take me so long to put that together? lol

  2. 😠 why is Jace here !! He’s supposed to be with Clary 😠 you’ve got some explaining to do Mister 😡

  3. Me watching this and realising that Dom fooking Sherwood is in this music video 😍how did I never noticed that

  4. no one:
    legit no one:
    me at 2am during corona: let me gp watch style so I can pretend to sing about harry

  5. I never feel bore to hear this song. The lyric is so easy listening. I hear and shaking my head anymore

  6. I can’t believe this was five years ago. It feels like I just bought the 1989 album and now she’s FREAKING THIRTY AND ABOUT TO GET MARRIED.

  7. Omg nostalgia! This song never “goes out of style” for me!

    Even though the music video is simplistic, it fits the song so well

  8. Почему у этого шедевра ещё не миллиард просмотров? Никуда не годится!

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