Kris Wu (吴亦凡 – wu yifan)has always been a celebrity I looked up to. As a ex k-pop idol in EXO, a rapper, a model, an actor in movies, he’s done so many things with his career that I admire. I’ve watched his interview on Complex TV so many times.

We also have the same last name wu (吴)and I’ve even done a kpop makeup transformation into him. So today I’m gonna make kris a custom pair of sneakers. He says he loves Basketball, hip hop and fashion so hopefully he’ll accept my Custom Nike Air Force 1s and my DM. #kriswu #吴亦凡

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Checkout @nimrakali and @_richardjang to see their music (the one used during the shoe montage)


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  1. Hey Guys! Let's get these shoes out to him! We need your help. Share this video with your friends and comment on the instagram post! <3 Thanks

  2. I doubt celebrity read DMs, bc, non follower's dm went to 'request', not even general or primary, also usually, the one who manage messages on social media is their manager, that's why there's only a thin chance to get his attention

  3. Yo Bro the shoes really amazing,u did well
    I will help u send this vid to his fansite then send to his studio,hope it can help

  4. Wow you made this present. That’s so meaningful! I’m sure he will love it. Now we need a big platform for him to notice it!

  5. When They said Former kpop star and in the the screenplays "EX-IDOL" I REWATCHED 3 TIMES TO make sure it's not misspelled 😥😥😅😩

  6. The shoes is really nice and amazing, but I have to tell you, he almost doesn’t respond anyone on social media. So you definitely gotta find other ways to send this shoes. Good luck to you mike!!!


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