As we all do our part and follow government guidelines and orders, we are as a society losing liberties we have always taken for granted: the right to work, travel, socialise and lead independent lives. The government has taken on new powers in response to the coronavirus pandemic and because of the pandemic there is little to no scrutiny of the use of these powers.
Our panellists include:
– Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.
– Jenny Jones, Green member of the House of Lords.
– Tom Scott, Lecturer and author of a report on abuses of social media during the 2016 referendum.

Some interesting/useful links from the meeting are below:
– A brilliant book on big data firms and surveillance:

– Overview of Norway’s anonymous COVID tracking app:

– Guidance document from the NPPC re: COVID-19 lockdown restrictions:

– Article on the European Commission guidance for member states on COVID tracking app:

– Website for the Network for Police Monitoring:

– The Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing (anonymous tracing technology):

– Survey for future Stroud District Green Party Cloud Cafes:


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