Supermodel Stacey McKenzie enlists the help of voguers from the House of Mugler to teach the girls how to be a boss on the runway.


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Stacey McKenzie’s Harlem Runway Walk Competition | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. I personally invite voguers to all my parties I attend, birthdays, hangouts, clubs, etc. They just make everything fun to remember and I do a little vogue dance as well. I have a lil off balance at times hahah 😂

  2. What happened to them after the show? A real model or just social media model? I dont see them anywhere in magazine or runway?

  3. How many times did they reshoot this? You see a camera following them face on, but from the side shot, there is no camera in front of them..

  4. i love Paige's attitude and India was so innocent on the early competition. she looked so shy. Glad the competition changed her to be someone who is more open

  5. The show should've gotten Jocelyn (the runway queen) to demonstrate the girls on how to REALLY walk the runway. 💯💓 She's stunning and iconic


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