You’re watching the official music video for Skid Row – ’18 And Life’ from the 1989 album ‘Skid Row’. ’18 And Life’ peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1989 , the same year it was certified GOLD by the RIAA. SKID ROW: 30TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION is available now!

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  1. I remember back when you're listening to a song, you imagine how it's MTV would look like. Other songs from other artists just make an MTV for the sake of making one but when I saw this, it's like "Wow this is how I perfectly imagined it..

  2. I see my dad when he throws the beer in the fire looks exactly like him and it's what killed him it's chilling to see that scene

  3. The little Rickey and rick Ratt Mobiel that FUCKED EVERYONE, For Profit, Of Course for like 30 plus years now.

  4. Sebastian was one of the best vocalists in the 90s and this line up was great saw them in Moscow rock 1989.

  5. Still as late as in 1989 the world was given this eternally lasting song that became one of the most powerful reminders of that wonderful decade…

  6. เช็คปฏิทินไทยกันหน่อย2563✋✋✋

  7. Uma verdadeira obra da interpretação do Rock skid row sem dúvida um eterno Marco do heawy metal Sebastian Bach arrebenta canta muito 💗💗💗💯💯💯😎😎😎

  8. Was actually 18 when this album was released. Wow, haven't sat down and listened to this song in awhile because classic rock radio burned me out on it. That said, hearing it now after so long the memories come flooding back, back to a better time in this nation. Most folks who lived through the glorious 1980s will readily admit that it was an incredible decade. So much better than nowadays, that's for sure. It's hard to tell young people (if they care at all) just how awesome the 80s in fact were. Still trying to build that time machine in my backyard, anyone have any pointers?


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