Should you buy a Sega Dreamcast in 2020? Originally released on 9/9/1999 in North America (or 27 November 1998 if you’re in Japan), this was Sega’s final game console, and despite being nearly 21 years old now, the Dreamcast refuses to die. Thus, today on Stuff We Play, join me and seven others as we go over if the Dreamcast is still worth buying!

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Hardware: 2:25
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Accessories: 21:33
Conclusion: 26:31


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  1. Fun fact: For those curious about the background in G's section of the video, he owns a complete North American Sega Genesis collection!

    Another fun fact: There were a few titles that were supposed to be Dreamcast titles that were ultimately moved to other consoles once the waning support and hemorrhaging of funds at Sega led to its discontinuation. This is why Shenmue 2 got an original Xbox port (and no Dreamcast release in the West).

    Yet another fun fact: I don't usually do this, but I made an alternate title for this buying guide. It's "The Dreamcast is Awesome and Refuses to Die". However, I went with the current name for YT purposes as it fits in better with my other buying guides.

    For a final fun fact: If you want to grow your channel, then check out Vidiq by following this link:

    Seriously, this was a fun video to make, even if there were some delays and odd tidbits caused either by external factors or FCPX deciding not to play nice when it came time to export the final version. If you enjoyed it, though, please share out the vid and let me know: If I were to return to the Dreamcast in future videos, what would you want me to cover? Maybe I could finally get my own copy of The Typing of the Dead!

  2. Loved it! If your doing another Art Of Failure episode, i would prefer you take a look at Littlebigplanet 3, that game is infamous for killing the franchise, sadly though its my fav in the series.

  3. I really only played Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 on the dreamcast. I didn't have many games for it. And I hate when the cord comes out of the bottom. The first wii classic controller did that. I would totally buy that Hello kitty dreamcast. lol

    I don't mind missing the soundtrack on crazy taxi. I always turned the music off and would listen to something else. What bothered me with the re-issues was the real businesses (KFC, Pizza Hut, Tower Records, ETC) were removed

  4. I was expecting someone showing off what the dreamcast is like nowadays and maybe discussing the online, not a mini documentary on it

  5. Loved the video, James and I’m always happy to share any love about the Dreamcast. Thanks for having me on with all these awesome ‘Tubers. Fun fact: I actually fired up Samba De Amigo to play right after I recorded that for you. Still works like a champ!

    Heh. Seaman.

  6. Looks like G had too much fun with those maracas. Hetsu would be proud. Great video James, you can probably make an entire Dreamcast video on homebrew and emulation alone!

  7. Sorry I got you in trouble with the copyright cops. 😅
    Thanks again for having me on!

  8. The things that caught my attention to this console:
    It's design
    It's startup
    Sonic Adventure (I'm a fan)
    Jet Set Radio
    The online , though I guess it isn't active anymore?
    And Phantasy Star Online

  9. The episode we have ALL waited for. Yes!!! A Dreamcast is definitely worth getting. I feel it has way too many underrated games. But stuff we play shows more than just what we think we already know lol.


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