The samsung galaxy s21 is coming and its finally going to have the feature you’ve all been waiting for!

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The samsung galaxy s21 is the upcoming flagship from samsung and its set to be their best smartphone yet! The samsung galaxy s21 is expected to come in 3 different models again and it will of course be the most powerful smartphone they have released. The galaxy s21 is also set to be the first smartphone from samsung to feature an in display selfie camera. In today’s video we go through the specs, design, launch & price of the samsung galaxy s21 along with an official unboxing and hands on video!

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  1. Only thing which stopped me from buying the Ultra is exynos. I’ll stick with my s10+ and hope that they don’t bring exynos in India next year.

  2. I like the style, but to wait another year too long. And will people save by getting the s10 note before this comes out.

  3. What about a spectrometer sensor, which was thought to be installed in the Galaxy S20, and what sbout under display speakers (the display itself will be the speakers)?

  4. I would rather go for note 20 plus/pro. As the s-pen utility is more usefull. Thats why am a regular note series user sincr N7000 NOTE1 in 2011

  5. The only reason these leaks are coming out now is so Samsung can effect OnePlus 8 pro launch. The under display camera won't be worth it until version 2 anyway.

  6. 6 rear (wide, ultra wide, 2x telephoto, 10x telephoto, macro, 3D TOF) and 3 front (wide, ultra wide, TOF). That should be the setup for the Ultra variant.

  7. @2:55 semi transparent tv was demonstrated already (linus tech tips) but the electronics have to go somewhere…..a phone doesn't (read should never) have a huge base at the bottom with the rest of the electronics and a wall plug no battery.
    Edit after 108 it only makes sense to go to 192mp (nonacell to whatever they would call sixteen-a-cell…..) that means binning 16 (4or instead of 9 3×3) pixels to make a 12 mp image with the option for the larger resolution for nutters

  8. I’m currently using iPhone 11 pro and oneplus 7 pro before that I was using pixel 2xl . And i think we need just two best of the best camera’s 1 on the back 1 at the front , thats all .

  9. Looks like it's almost time to let my trusty S9+ go. It's been real but the "S21 Ultra?" is looking like my next phone if these leaks are true. 💯📱

  10. I've been waiting for smaller samsung phones that's all. And for stronger vibration because sometimes my phone doesn't even do it

  11. Awesome review brother TT. Looks nice. Too many flagship phones to choose from. Keep the content coming. Hope you are staying safe and enjoying your weekend.

  12. I think Samsung should trade off some of their high end hardware components while working on perfect optimization of the already available hardware. There's a substantial increase in their flagship phones prices lately due to the high end components which I think they could have cut cost drastically by optimization otherwise very soon their phones gonna cost more than iPhones.
    A lot of people hate apple jux because of the high price range of their flagship which Samsung wants to lead.

  13. It's not even been 2 month that Samsung Galaxy S20 was released.
    Why would you even consider or think about the anther model?

    All these smartphone companies need to calm down with phones & additional cameras.. I don't think anyone would use any features on any smartphone apart from using whatsapps & watching YouTube.


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