Rumble Montage | Best Moments 2019

Rumble Montage | Best Moments 2019 (League of Legends)
Rumble Montage – Outplays
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Fluex – Daylight (Airbeat One Anthem 2018)
Jens East Feat. Elske – Running (Typical Remix) ♫ Copyright Free Music
Jim Yosef & Sara Skinner – WILDFIRE [NCS Official Video]

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New Video-

Lee sin –

Katarina –

Darius –


– Be at least Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger Elo/tier.
– Have more than 500k mastery points in one champion.
– Have an amount of your BEST plays ready to do a video between 10-12 minutes.
– Your videos have to be in HD (1080p or 720p).
– If you record in spectator mode you must remove everything from the screen! Make the record as clean as possible!
– Make sure your plays include: predictions, penta kills, quadra kills, 1 vs 2/3, team fights, awesome moments, jokes, etc.


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2 thoughts on “Rumble Montage | Best Moments 2019

  1. 7:04 They purposefully sacrificed ulting more terrain to pick off the lee sin. Confidence and creativity 100 right there, plus some pretty nice mechanics imo, I would've whiffed the ult by placing it too far to one side or the other. Also, they were 13/11/7 and were using Protobelt Zhonya's Morello's, so whatever they damage they did was actually without Liandry's burn… No wonder riot nerfed my main lol

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